Tuesday, September 29, 2015


When I saw this picture this morning I had to laugh.  I love Garfield and this was just too good.  I heard about Coffee Day on the morning news and that some places were giving out free coffee.  I don't drink coffee, but Joe does.  So I knew he would want a cup.

I picked up Debbie for Bible study and she had her cup of coffee with her.  She's another coffee person.  It's really funny because not one person at work drinks coffee.  Not a single one.  We don't even have a coffee pot.  So Coffee Day didn't really affect us.

We had only a couple of people at Bible study, but that's OK.  With a smaller group you get more interaction.  We are up to the 4th chapter of Galatians.  We have 5 more studies before our winter break.  I am looking forward to having some time off.

After we were finished I went to Wawa to get the free coffee for Joe.  And like everyone else there I bought other things.  I found two bags of truffle potato chips.  They are so hard to find now and they are our very favorite chips.  I will be so unhappy if they aren't made all year round.  And I got some Italian pinwheel sandwiches for lunch.  They were sooooo  good!  I could have eaten four or five packages of them.  Well, no I really couldn't, but my mouth would have been happy.

When I came home from work Joe had dinner waiting for me.  He had made roasted chicken thighs and baked potatoes.  It was so nice to just walk in the door and have dinner waiting for me.  What a wonderful guy!  I really lucked out in the husband department.  

By the way, if anyone wants to see Joe's latest Saturday night message, here is the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mxs-kg6R1Y .

So now I need to get myself together and get ready for bed and work tomorrow.  It's already halfway through the week tomorrow.  Time is flying by.  Retirement is now only 9 1/2 weeks away.  And after the day I had at work today, it looks better and better.  I will still be visiting the library just as I have since I was 6 years old, but it will be when the kids are in school and I can visit with my friends.  Those kids are just out of control!

Well, on that note I'm going to leave and do what I need to do.

Good night everyone!



  1. Love my coffee!!!
    I like those Truffle potato chips too! I served the Biscuits and Gravy Potato Chips to the art class ladies tonight to go with the BBQ sandwiches. They are GOOD!!!

    1. Yes I like those too. I don't like the Rueben or Gyro ones though.

  2. Love free coffee! Got it with a bit of French Vanilla....yum. I,too, like the Biscuits &Gravy.interesting flavors....Joe is a real sweetie! A keeper! Russ is as well. I cook (as I am home) but he does the dishes.I like that!
    Chance of showers today. Let's look for the rainbow!

    1. Biscuits and gravy is OK but I like the truffles better.

  3. What a nice day! Those slow and uneventful ones, like a solitary, reflective first cup, savored in the early hours---those add a cushion of comfort to our days when the red lights and snowstorms and traffic and scuffy feet on wet floors get to be too much with us.

    I'm having my First Cup, black and rich, in a big old HENRY cup which I've had for the longest. It greets me every morning, steaming and fragrant, like a wise old friend.

    I know you're counting the days of that 9 1/2 weeks. They'll fly like fluttery leaves, and I hope your memories of all those precious years of BOOKS are warm and wonderful.


    1. Thank you, Rachel. You always write so beautifully and give wonderful word pictures. I hope you are enjoying your coffee. I do have TONS of good memories of the library. I decided at age 12 that this was what I wanted to do and put myself through college while working full time to fulfill that dream. I am still keeping my hand in libraries, though. The church I attend has a library for me to work in. There is lots to do in it to get it up and running. It has been closed for several years and I've been asked to open it up again.

  4. Kathy, National Coffee Day...where are the parades, the politicians. The hoopla..where ?? I love coffee. But I can not drink it all day. Hope you had a good day. xoxo,Susie


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