Tuesday, September 22, 2015


It was back to work today and boy do I feel it.  I am so sleepy and tired so this will be kind of short.

Bible study was good this morning.  I was a little late getting there because I was picking up people to give them a ride.  We had more people today and the conversation was very active.  I like it that way.  People should get invested in the study and make it their own.  To me, that's how you learn.

Work was OK.  I was surprised that there wasn't more work piled up on my desk than there was.  I was able to get most of it finished, but there's still lots more for tomorrow.

It was hard working the whole day.  I fell asleep for a few minutes at dinner time.  I woke up with Doug talking to me.  "What???  Oh, OK.  Yes, that's the way you do it."  Sheesh!  How embarrassing.

One of the new people, Matt, was in today and I was training him some.  My staff did a good job last week.  He's doing very, very well.

Today started The World Meeting of Families here in Philly.  The beginning of road closures and towing of cars has started.  We have become like a captive city with all of the restrictions on travel, streets closed, etc.  I understand and agree with the need for security, but it is becoming more and more difficult to live here.  But...  it's only for one week of our lives and gives Philly a great honor.  It really is a wonderful place to live.

Here are some pictures in the news from The World Meeting.

Barricades and walls of porta-potties.

These "Pope dolls" are everywhere!
Bicycle being given to the Pope by the mayor and Cardinal Chaput from the people of Philadelphia and the World Meeting of Families.
Stage being constructed for the Pope.  You can see the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the background.

Aerial view of beautiful downtown Philadelphia.  The Art Museum is in the foreground.
So that's what's happening here.  Joe's upstairs snoring away.  He's hooked up to a machine to do a sleep study for his apnea.  We have to take the machine back to the hospital either tomorrow or Thursday morning before I go to work.  That will be a nightmare going there and back in rush hour traffic with all the streets closed.  That 20 minute ride will be an hour or more each way.  *sigh*  

Well, goodbye summer.  It's been wonderful.  And I do mean wonderful this year.  I wonder what the autumn will bring.



  1. I guess captive city is one way to put it. It is so strange to see my city changed like this,so many restrictions...My husband's company is closed as staff cannot get in but I just accept it as more "us" time! Glad to hear things weren't too backed up at work. Great pictures.
    Hope you can get some rest...

  2. Hi Kathy! This is really something about the Pope going all around. I'm watching him on TV now as he's in Washington DC. You've had a lot going on and I'm glad you didn't have too too much work to catch up on. Thanks for popping in to see me and you're so right - I'm very thankful for getting to go on our trip, I just had to get my disappointment out of my system! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)


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