Sunday, September 20, 2015


I am not looking forward to the summer ending.  I love summer and have enjoyed it so much.  But...  Wednesday it's coming.  Fall that is.  And the cooler weather we've been having tells that.

Saturday was so busy.  I did a load of wash and hung it on the line.  I had no idea I had so many tops in the load.

 Do you see little Shy in the background?  The cats come right up to me now and don't run.  But I still can't touch them.  I still have some weeks to work on that.  They have won Joe over and he wants to take them in.  But I still think we can't afford it what with shots, flea control, food, neutering, etc.

I finally got my nails done for September.  I wanted to use a "fall" colored polish and I think I did.  I was going to do something dark, but instead decided to go for a sparkling golden color.  Sort of like the leaves that are starting to turn colors.  It's the Julep color called "Sharna".  I really like it.

 Joe's hair was really long.  It was ridiculous.  He has been going to get a hair cut for weeks now, but it hasn't happened.  Well Saturday was the day.  There's a place he likes on Cottman Avenue, about 4 miles from our house.  So we headed over there.  It's near the library where I used to work and the jewelry store we go to.  I took my watch because it needed a new battery.

He got a nice cut.  It's better than anything we could get around the neighborhood.  I do like it there and I'm thinking in the spring I will go there and get a short cut for the summer.  It was interesting people watching while waiting for Joe to finish.  People are really funny.

When he was finished we headed over to the jewelry store.  Everything is in the same shopping mall so that's convenient.  On the way we passed the Halloween store which is just opening.  Out front they had a giant blowup of the Stay Puff guy from Ghostbusters.  I asked Joe to stand by it so I could get a shot and he did just that.  We do have fun together!

On our way home we had to pass by a couple of blocks from our church and one of the streets we wanted to use was closed.  It was roped off and there were police cars all around.  It turns out there was a drive by shooting and a 41 year old man was killed.  It happened about 1/2 hour before we got there.  This world is going crazy.

Last night was our second Saturday night service and it went MUCH better than last week.  There are still some things to work out, but I know that will come as we go along.  This time the camera worked, the music worked, and you could follow along with the bulletin.  Carol led the music and I read the scripture.  I got it all on an SD card and put it on a flash drive which I will give to Elder Rich to put on our website.  When that happens, I will give you all the link to it.

So now I have to get going and get ready for Sunday morning church.  Joe said to me last night that I've had a taste of my upcoming retirement.  I said, "What retirement?  All I do is work and run around doing stuff.  Who has time to retire?"



  1. I find I use the word love on your blog more often than anywhere else.It's a fun place to visit! I like the nails & enjoyed the 'guest appearance' by Shy.I do understand about the cost of having a pet. Sometimes being responsible is hard....
    Like Joe & Stay Puff. Retirement? I think one of your other bloggers said it right, that it's doing things that need doing but knowing you have tomorrow (or close to that). The biggie? You'll have time for a ....NAP! Love those things!
    Have a beautiful day!

  2. Busy bee you are! Retirement will be rough at the beginning, but once you get caught up on the odds and ends, it will slow down and you can enjoy. Your nails are lovely, glad to know the Sat. service went well, and hope this morning did too. Enjoy the afternoon.


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