Sunday, August 23, 2015


I love Sundays.  I love being with my church family.  I love the worship time.  It is so special to be in church worshiping my God and Savior.  God has been so close to me lately and I am so grateful to Him for everything.

I was going to do so much today but instead decided to take it easy, do a little each day after work instead, and rest.  After church Joe and I went to Wendy's for lunch and then we both took a nice long nap.

I took pictures of the yard earlier and thought I would do a Sunday garden post.  I haven't done one in a long time.  I started this post earlier and had difficulty posting the pictures so let's hope it works this time.

 On Friday after I came home from work I went out to the yard to sit in the sun and read my book.  Instead I got a burst of energy and decided to do some weeding.  I began with the little strip I have next to the side fence and the patio.  It was bad.

 It took a while, but I got it all cleaned up.  Rather than plant things at this point in time I just put my little garden figures along there.

 Of course most of them are from my favorite store, Rite Aid.  I got the two mushrooms at different times, but they just look great together.

And my frog reminds me to Fully Rely On God.

The little cat was bought when my first cat, Fluffy, died.  I keep it as a tribute to her.

I still have my summer garden flag up.  I won't change it until the first day of autumn.  It's rather faded and I might have to get a new one for next year.

Then I cleaned up my earth box which holds my herbs and my fairy garden.  It was a mess and everything had died except for the chives.  I'm going to redo it next year.  The fairies are sort of dirty except for the one I just bought.  But a good rain storm will take care of that.

 Finally I cleaned out the flower pot which had my little tree in.  I'm sad it didn't make it.

 There is so much more to do, but I am determined to do just a little each day and in a couple of weeks it will be all finished.   I do, however, have a few roses.

 There's also lots of morning glories.  But my pictures didn't turn out all that good.

I'll be showing you more as I go along.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.  Now it's time to start dinner.  Baked flounder, green beans from the farm, garlic bread and watermelon.  Yum!

 Have a good evening everyone!




  1. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me!! You probably get more done working a little while each day than blitzing it all at once.....and feel better for it, too! Your gardens are pretty!

    1. Thank you, Linda. The garden is coming along. And I think you are right that it's better to do a little at a time. I won't wear myself out that way.

  2. I enjoyed the stroll through your garden. Glad you and Joe had a nice nap. You love your church like I do....God bless us all.

  3. Love the garden! Can't wait to see the fairies back in their new spot. I like the idea of a little each day.
    Besides,it gives you a chance to relax & appreciate what you've done.Naps are often underrated :
    enjoy yours!

  4. I envy you your garden. Florida is unkind to my attempted garden. But I do have a couple of herbs. The chives seem to be sturdy and have been in my garden for many years. Oregano and a plant of impatients. We have a fig tree in the yard.


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