Monday, August 3, 2015


It's very late so this will be short and sweet.  It was back to the real world today.  And I was 5 minutes late getting to work.  So what else is new?

When I walked in I was greeted by an unknown lady.  O...K....?  Then the librarian introduced us.  Megan's branch is closed for a week because they have no air conditioning.  Hmm...  That sounds vaguely familiar.  She was sent to spend the week with us.  Cool!  She's very nice and a good worker.  Diane was off today but we had plenty of people.  In fact, I didn't go on the front desk the entire day.  I just hopped on if someone was having a problem and answered the phone a lot.  This way I was able to do my end of the month reports and go through all the papers on my desk that were left for me while I was away.  I also sat at the librarian's desk so Liz could go to lunch.  Boss is off this week.

While I was at the desk I got a phone call from Barbara, my doctor, with the results of my blood test that I took on Friday.  Just as I thought my thyroid is worse.  So she upped my medication and hopefully I will be better in about a week.  No wonder I was always tired and wanted to sleep and my hair was falling out by the handfuls.  That's very upsetting to run your fingers through your hair to untangle it and come away with a fist full of hair.  I have to have another blood test in 8 weeks to see how things are going.  It's not the best news, but at least I know what is wrong!

Now if only I could figure out what is wrong with my computer.  It's doing strange things tonight.

For lunch I went to Wendy's and got the Strawberry Fields salad.  It is so good!

After work I went to get my new glasses.  I liked them when I picked them out, but now I'm not so sure.  The plastic frames are heavier than the wire.  But I guess I'll get used to them.  What do you think?  Be honest.  I'm thinking about getting a second pair with wire frames and then I can switch back and forth.


 It was so hot that Joe took me to the Country Club for dinner so I wouldn't have to cook.  I got Chicken Francaise and he got London Broil.  I had one chicken breast left over, so I brought it home.  Tomorrow is my late night.  We have one piece of left over fish and now the chicken so guess what we are having for dinner.

I have to get some sleep before I teach tomorrow so I have to go.  Until later...



  1. What a blessing to have a good day at work! And to get the paperwork done New glasses.....
    everyone I know always say they have to get used to them. Honestly? Whether plastic or wire,I think you look better in a lighter colored frame. Just my opinion. I'll like you either way
    Have a beautiful day!

  2. I really like the lighter, wire ones. That is what I have. That salad from Wendy's is soooo good, light and refreshing. I know getting back into the routine isnt fun, but it doesnt take long. Hope you dont have to work too late tonight and you can go home and relax a bit.

  3. Aye, once again, page had to reload, losing my train of thought. Correcting a typo is a federal case with this iPad, at least in Blogger! Anyhoo, glad your first day back was nice, you got to deal with your own work, and dinner at the cc sounds wonderful. I must say, I think I prefer the old glasses? Sorry, I guess I am a creature of habit!

  4. I had to laugh that a Megan was at your library since their air conditioning is out. My Megan's library has had trouble with theirs as well, haha! Tis the season, I guess. Our weather has cooled to the 80s and such a great change from triple digits for 3 days. I like your older pr of glasses. New ones look good tho. Hard change once they are ordered. Take care!

  5. I like the new glasses. They make you look younger and vibrant. Ready to take on the town!! :)

  6. Oh I LIKE them! I just had to hop down here and see how they look. My glasses are very much like your old ones. Maybe I need an update. Love your hair too. Enjoy your day....what's left of it! Sweet hugs Diane


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