Monday, August 17, 2015


Things are constantly changing in our lives.  So much is going on and especially at work.

Boss is back today after being on vacation for two weeks.  He is rested and happy.  That's a good thing.  Vacations are good for everyone.

Today is Angela's last day.  Seasonals  (which she is) stay for only nine months and then they have to be off for three months before they can be rehired.  Angela, however, got another job so she won't be returning.  I'll really miss her.  After a rough start, she has become a  good friend.

I got up early this morning and baked her cookies.  Bob brought in iced tea and juice and Diane and Doug got a card and flowers.  We had to do something nice for her.

Also last Friday was our guard's last day with us. He told us at the end of the day that he was being transferred to Rodriguez and the guard at Rodriguez was coming to our branch.  In fact, I was acting librarian at lunchtime when Deb, the new guard, came in.  I introduced myself and she seemed really nice.  Well let me tell you!  We finally have a super guard!  She is so good.  Knows her job, does it well, and is so sweet too.  We hit it off immediately.  I know she is going to fit in.

Boss left Diane, Deb and I to close up the branch.  Everything went OK though.

Yesterday the Director of the Bible Fellowship Church was visiting in our service.  He was talking to the Elders afterwards.  Of course I don't know what was being said, but I have a feeling he came to scope out things and to find us a new pastor.  It would be great to have a pastor so quickly.  We thought we would have to wait several years.  Elder Rich has been doing a good job holding things together, but we really need a pastor.  Having one before the holidays would be so great.

So on that note I am going to go start dinner.  Flounder, corn on the cob and zucchini.  At least that's what I'm thinking.  Last week I had an all vegetable dinner.  Corn, tomatoes, mixed veggies and homemade biscuits.  It was so good.  I think I'm going to do something similar later this week.

But I digress.  Really have to get going.  Talk to you all later.




  1. Glad things are improving at your work Kathy. We hate to lose good help . Your supper looked very tasty for a veggie plate. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Love hearing about your day! You cook the best meals - always something tasty and healthy!!

  3. It's great to hear things are good at work. The new guard sounds like a great fit.I like an all veggie meal once in awhile. It's a nice change & sits well in this heat.


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