Wednesday, July 26, 2017


This past week has been stressful.  Very stressful.  I think things MIGHT be settling down.  We'll see.  There's still a lot of things to do.  But the one good thing is I am going this morning to pick up our new car.  Look for a post about it tomorrow.

Among all this chaos the other night I said to Joe that I couldn't cook dinner and I was taking him out to IHOP.  We both really needed to get away.

It's good to be where we live because a mile away from us is the avenue where we can go to just about any kind of restaurant/fast food we want.  But I wanted to sit down and be served.  It was exactly what we needed to do to decompress.

I always order off of the 55+ menu.  That's plenty of food for me.  I got the chicken strips with honey mustard, broccoli, mashed potatoes and garlic bread.  It was yummy and I ate everything except I couldn't finish the potatoes.  It was too much.

Joe got chocolate chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs and bacon.  And never-ending coffee.

The sunset that night was spectacular.

I got some of my battery candles out and lit them.  It was a relaxing night and just what I needed.

I have to get going and get ready to run my errands.  Hope you all have a good day.



  1. My sister and I are planning an IHOP meal next week. I had no idea about a 55+ menu. I'll be sure to look for it. Oh yay! A new car. Life getting back to normal again...

  2. I didn't know IHOP had regular meals....hmmmm! We just never went because I can't eat pancakes (or sugar). We have one close to us so we'll have to check it out. I hope this week is better for sure don't need more stress! Hugs to you both, Diane

  3. I am glad you took some time to decompress, Kathy. I know you need that. I hope your health and Joe's health is improving daily and that you can see some light at the end of the tunnel.
    Can't wait to see your new car. As bad as the accident was it will be nice to have a new car!
    Have a blessed day- xo Diana

  4. I've only eaten at IHOP twice....once in Idaho and once in DE at the beach. And we have one here in Lancaster!! They put pancake batter in the omelets but will make it without by request. I have to be so careful which isn't always fun when eating out. Certainly sounds like it was lovely for you and I'm glad to did it!

  5. Kathy, The little Charlie Brown quote is so true ...after growing up I long for some of those simple plain old days of my youth. It was the little moments of play or hugging my children, hearing about their school day. Nothing outstanding just life. I am so happy you are getting a new guys deserve one. Joe was looking good in the photo...he must have been happy to go to dinner with you to the IHOP. Blessings to you both, xoxo, Susie

  6. IHP, love the fact you can get breakfast for dinner. I'm a big breakfast fan.

  7. We enjoy breakfast for dinner and do like IHOP. I also order off the 55+ menu. Can't wait to hear about the new car!

  8. Good to know you're getting a new car. Enjoy! Hope your week gets better and glad you had time away and just ate elsewhere than home. No dishes!! We like Dennys as is in our town. No IHOP here but one elsewhere.

  9. Hi Kathy...
    Hope you and Joe are feeling better...
    Take a deep breath...
    Linda :o)

  10. Glad you ate out! It is nice to be served once in awhile.Love the Charlie Brown and the small things quote.I try to appreciate them now...and try to pass them forward.Can't wait to see the new car!

  11. IHop is one of my favorite places. I'm like Joe though, I can't pass up the breakfast!


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