Saturday, July 22, 2017


It's been quite a week.  I have so much to tell you but it will have to be done in several parts.  Today I will tell you about the farm.  I haven't gone in ages, but decided today was the day.  So I headed out around noon time to see what was to be had.

It has been hot around here.  We are on day 5 of a heat wave.  When I started out to the farm the car registered this for a temperature.

On the way back it reached 100*.  I should have taken a picture of that!

Greensgrow Farm has a cute little koi pond.  I love looking at the fish.

The street it is on is tree lined and shady with lots of pretty plants along the curb.  Today there were lots of butterflies flying among the trees.

It is really such a pretty place.  But really hot standing in line to buy my veggies today.  I was glad to get back into the air conditioning in the car.

I'll bet you are wondering what great buys I got today.

A cucumber, three yellow onions, a yellow heirloom tomato and red and blue potatoes.  Sometime this week I am going to make red, white and blue potato salad.

Hope you all have a great Sunday.  I'll be back sooner with some more things to show you.



Monday, July 17, 2017


I do love the summer even though this one is not turning out as I planned.

This morning I got up later than I expected, but I hadn't slept well.  I wanted to make some strawberry cupcakes with chocolate icing for the church's Fellowship Time.  I didn't realize it would take so long.  When it was time for me to leave, they had just come out of the oven and were too hot to ice.  So I ended up going to 7-11 and getting some donuts and iced tea in case some people did not want hot coffee or hot tea.  And a few people did take it.  Joe and I have eaten some of the cupcakes and they turned out very good.  There's always the two Bible studies on Tuesday and Wednesday to bring them to.  

Last night Joe said he wanted to help me catch up with things.  Our laundry is WAY behind.  We have piles of it.  So he put a load in the washer.  I dozed off and woke to hear *scrape*, *scrape*.  I couldn't figure out what it was.  Then Joe came upstairs from the basement.  The washer had broken.  It won't drain.  And it was full of sheets and pillowcases.  *sigh*  I went down and no luck for me either.  Joe has drained out as much water as he could.  I got online and started looking for a new washer.  Figured I'd get a dryer while I was at it since ours broke about 4 or 5 years ago and we never replaced it.  Joe has been begging for a dryer and I always say we can't afford it.  So...

The main problem we have with getting a washer and dryer is that our doorway to the basement is only 23 1/2 inches wide (59.69 cm) and the distance between the walls is 24 inches (61 cm).  Most appliances are wider or deeper or taller than that.  We can get only small apartment sized portable appliances.  There is one store in our neighborhood that sells them so we are going there tomorrow.  I figure it will be about $800 for the two of them.  But this place will also remove the old ones.  That's worth it.

Joe says bad things come in threes and so this is the end of it.  I sure hope so.

I plan to call the garage first thing in the morning to see what is going on with our car.  I looked up on google what the prices are for replacing the various things I knew needed replacing and/or fixing.  It came to about $2,000 so maybe we will be getting our car back.  I sure hope so.  I don't need car payments.  Our car has been paid for for awhile now.  Besides, I like my car.

I have so much work to do tomorrow to get ready to have someone remove a washer and dryer and put new ones in.  And I MUST cut the grass.  It's terrible.  And my library material is overdue.  And I have to go food shopping for sure.  So much to do!

I got only two hours of sleep last night so I hope I do better tonight.  I think I will.



Saturday, July 15, 2017


Image result for to everything there is a season

It has been a sad weekend in our family.  My sister Elaine had to say goodbye to her best friend, her Cocker Spaniel, Cody.  They have been inseparable for over 12 years.  Poor Cody was very sick and she knew it was time and the right thing to do.  That doesn't stop the pain for her or the sadness in the rest of the family.  Please say a prayer for her if you think of it.

There has been no call from the garage/body shop about our car so that is not a good sign.  I am so sure that the car is a total loss that I have begun looking online at the prices of used cars to replace it.

I finally uploaded some photos of the damage for my insurance company so I can share them with you.  The wetness on the sidewalk is from the radiator.

The blue book value of our car is around $3,000.  I think there is more than $3,000 worth of damage.  *sigh*  If I could do without a car, I would.  But it's just not possible with our disabilities.

Yesterday I called the ShopRite store and talked to the manager.  I told him what had happened.  He was NOT happy.  I gave him the time Joe was in there and he was going to look at the records and see who had a large void around that time.  I hope I didn't make the cashier lose her job, but I don't want her doing that to someone else either.  I said that to the manager too.  I told him that I was considering going to another store to shop and he said he would understand if I did that but he hoped I would give them a chance to make it right.  We'll see.  If I had done something like that at the library when I was working, you'd better believe I would have been written up.

I called out for Chinese food for dinner tonight.  We had steamed dumplings and chicken and broccoli over white rice.  Very good and very filling.  I'm stuffed.

Now I have to get off of here and get the bulletins printed for church tomorrow. It's also my turn to bring the treat for Fellowship Time so I'm going to bake something.  I'm thinking about a dump cake.  Nice and easy.

I hope you all have a great evening.



Friday, July 14, 2017


And in one moment yesterday it did.  I was sleeping soundly when Joe decided he'd do something nice for me and go grocery shopping.  When I woke up he was gone with no note so I didn't know where he was.  After awhile I got worried.  Finally 3 hours later he called and said he was on the way home.  He had done the shopping and was $1 over the money he had.  He asked the cashier to take off the box of cereal and she refused.  So he left all the groceries there and came home.  But just 1/2 block from home he went to stop for a red light and his foot slipped off of the brake and hit the gas.  He ended up hitting the car in front of him.

I got a call from a man who asked if I was Kathryn.  Yes, I am.  "Your husband has been in a car accident," he said.  "But he's OK."  I asked where he was and when I found it was just around the corner I ran over there.

Joe is fine.  A scraped elbow is all he got.  The girl in the other car, Sarah, is fine.  She was very nice.  Her car's back bumper needs to be replaced.  Our car?  Well... the hood was crumpled, the bumper was hanging and the radiator was cracked because the water was running all over the sidewalk.  Oh yes, both cars were on the sidewalk when I got there.  How did I never hear the accident?  I guess the air conditioner being so loud drowns out the outside noise.

Let me also say that the heat index yesterday was 107*.  Joe was sitting in the car trying to find insurance cards, etc. and was really confused.  Besides that his face was red and the sweat was pouring off of him.  I sent him home to get into the cool and called the insurance company and talked with the other driver.  We were both so happy no one was hurt.  Cars can be replaced.

I am totally in awe of the great insurance agent I have.  They were so awesome.  It's 24 hours later and the car is towed to a station where they have Allstate adjusters to assess the damage, I have a rental car, the other driver has had people calling her and arranged for any medical bills she has, repair to her car, and a rental car for her.  Our agent arranged for us to be in a special policy because we have never had an accident so our premium does not go up and we have a ridiculously low deductible. I love the agency we are with.

So how do I view this?  It is a total blessing.  What???  I just saw God's hand all through this.  No one was hurt.  The other driver was so nice and kept saying everyone has an accident now and then.  There were people around to help us.  The other driver was able to drive off with just a damaged bumper.  The people whose sidewalk we were on were talking to me and telling me to not worry about it, we weren't in their way and take our time moving the car.  The tow truck was able to come last night to move the car instead of leaving it for today.  The insurance company is super and moving things right along quickly.

In the middle of all of this going on yesterday, I had a doctor's appointment.  God worked again in my behalf.  I was able to find a friend from church to take me to the cancer center and another friend from church was able to bring me home.  AND I got an excellent report from the doctor.

I'm driving a 2016 Dodge Dart for a few days.  Hopefully not more than a couple of weeks.  It's going to take me a few days to get used to it, but it's a nice car.

Image result for 2016 dodge dart

It has been quite a time, but God is so good!  I can't wait to see what happens next.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I haven't been ignoring you, folks.  I've just been very busy and blogging has fallen by the wayside.  Summer is a time when I just seem to come alive and so I'm doing things all the time.

Today was one of those busy days.  It began with going to church to teach the Ladies Bible Study.  We began a study in the book of Ruth this week.  I just gave an introduction today and next week we will jump into chapter one.  I think this will be a fun break from the New Testament epistles we have been studying the last few years.  And since we are studying Judges on Wednesday evenings this fits right in.
After the study Debbie and I dropped off some bags of donations to the Salvation Army.  We try to do this once a month.  We get things out of our houses and hopefully someone can use the things we can't.

I took Debbie home and then went and picked up my friend Donna at her house.  The two of us went to our friend Carol's house and got her.  The three of us went out to lunch at the Golden Eagle Diner in Bristol, PA.  I haven't been there in years.  Not since I was there with Joe and some friends and we all got sick on the food.  That's a good reason to stay away.  But that was about seven or eight years ago so I decided to give it another try.  We were celebrating Carol's birthday and that is where she wanted to go.
Related image
Well, what a difference.  The food was so very good.  And they give you a lot.  Carol had a chicken pot pie that was enormous along with a Greek salad and a cup of beef barley soup.  She took most of the salad and about half of the pot pie home.

Related image

Donna had fried flounder with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables and chicken noodle soup.  She said the veggies were fresh not canned or frozen.

Image result for fried flounder

I had chicken fingers with honey mustard sauce and fries.

Related image

Now I must admit that we were so busy eating that I did not take any pictures of the food so I got these images from google and they are as close as I could get to what we were served.  It was a LOT of food and so good.

Every table is served cinnamon bread and cheese bread when you walk in.  They are famous for these breads.  Joe and I love the cinnamon bread so on the way out I bought a loaf.  It's about half gone now.  This picture is taken from their website and this is really what the bread looks like when it is brought to your table.
Image result for golden eagle's cinnamon bread

 After we ate Carol drove us back to her house and then I drove Donna home and came home myself.  I had left around 9:20 a.m. and got home a little after 4:00 p.m.  That was a long day for me.  I know I used to work lots longer days than that, but I am not used to doing that anymore.  I am tired!

And so I am going to bed.  I hope you all have a good night.



Friday, July 7, 2017


I made you a vlog today for a change.  As I'm watching it, I notice my hair gets worse and worse as the day goes on.  All I can say is that's what happens when you are out in the rain and wind and don't comb your hair.  Oops!  Hope you enjoy my busy day.



Wednesday, July 5, 2017


I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day.  (Or for my Canadian friends, Canada Day on the 1st!)  For some it is back to work today.  For others it's vacation.  Whatever you do, I hope it's been a good day.

Yesterday my brother and sister-in-law opened the doors of their new home for a cookout get-together.  About 15 or so people showed up and we had so much fun!  So much food!  Great conversations!  Getting to meet new people and catch up with old friends.  It was perfect.  Except for the HOT temperatures outside.  At least there was air conditioning inside.  I stayed out as long as I could take it, but when I started feeling sick I went inside.  They had their TV on the Sci Fi Channel and there was a "Twilight Zone" marathon on.  Joe and I sat down on the sofa and before we knew it we were drawn into the shows.  One after another.  We didn't mean to be rude, but...  it was the "Twilight Zone"!

Surprisingly there wasn't very much traffic on the roads and so we made good time traveling.  About 40-45 minutes each way.

So having said all of this... here are the pictures of the day.  Most are mine.  A few are borrowed from my friend, Marion, and my sister, Elaine.  Borrowed only because theirs turned out better or they were at a better angle than I.  I hope you enjoy them.

Larry was the chef extraordinaire!  His burgers and hot dogs were so good.  Kim set up the bar with the salads: potato, pasta and fruit, and wonderful corn on the cob.

Joe and Marion.  I told them they looked like a flag.

Rich the comic.

Joe, Larry and Elaine.  You can see how sunny it was.

Me and Joe.

Elaine and Marion.

Another one of me and Joe.

 Kim. Our wonderful hostess.

At one point she took over for Larry at the grill.

Rich and Marion.

Larry and Kim have a beautiful yard.

 Do you see the squirrel?

After awhile it just got too hot and we moved inside.

This is Schnitzel.  He was the star of the day.

The three siblings:  Elaine, me and Larry.

Marilyn, Kim's mother.  What a sweet lady.

My nephew, Terry, and his girlfriend, Gianna.

Marion was so lucky to get a picture of Callie.  She hid from us all day.  I never got a shot of their other cat Bandit even though he sat with Joe and put his fur all over Joe's shirt.

 Later in the evening, after I got home, there were some fireworks in the neighborhood.  I stood at the front door and watched them.


Are you all still with me?  Sorry for the picture overload.  As I said, it was a great day.  

And with that I have to go to bed.  I'm really tired tonight.  It's been a long day.  Until later...