Monday, March 16, 2015


I am so touched and thankful for all of your good wishes to me concerning my medication.  I just couldn't stand taking it anymore and stopped on Saturday.  Man, it was horrible how it was making me feel.  And it did nothing for my throat.  It took over 24 hours to get it out of my system, but the dizziness, dry mouth, nausea, high blood pressure, etc. have all gone away.  I am myself again.  It was worth a try though.

This morning as I was getting my breakfast I heard them working on the apartment building in back of my house.  They have really been going at it lately.  I looked out and they were putting up tarp, mesh and stucco.

I guess it won't be long now until it's finished.  There is a "For Sale" sign on the front of it.  I told Joe if I had enough money I would buy it.  I would live in one of the apartments and then the rent from the other two would pay for the mortgage.  He doesn't agree with me, so it's just as well we don't have the money!

This morning Bob and I were the only Library Assistants.  It was very quiet.  Very calm.  A nice day.  

I went out to Wendy's for lunch and got a baked potato and an iced tea.  It went down without much difficulty.  I was thinking, "This is going to be a great day!"  

Clarissa came in around lunch time so we had extra help for the rest of the day.  And we needed it because after school let out it got crazy in there.

I stopped at Rite Aid on the way home.  As I went to get out of the car to go into the store I saw the sunset.  It was gorgeous, so I had to snap a picture of it.

As I've said before, I love dusk.  It's so calm and peaceful.  A busy day going to rest.  Ah....

So now it's time to wrap the day up and get some sleep.  Bible Study tomorrow morning.  Daniel 2:1-30 is what we will be studying.  Hope you all have a good night too.



  1. I hope and pray you feel better soon! Love your dusk picture! I saw one here in Texas from where I sat in our gazebo. I didn't get a pic of it but it was nowhere as beautiful as yours!!!

  2. Glad you got the meds out of your system, Kathy. Hope you have a great St. Patrick's Day. Great dusk picture.xo Diana

  3. Glad you are feeling better. Love the sunset photo! I did a photo shoot of a house that's up for sale. My realtor friend asked me to do it at an open house. The house is so pretty and would love to live there, but it's too expensive for our budget and our house will be paid off in 5 years so we are staying put! Have good remainder of your week!


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