Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Yesterday we restarted our Tuesday morning Ladies' Bible Study.  We are studying Daniel and I did an introduction of the book.  They were thrilled because I gave them a map and a picture of the Ishtar gate from the walls around Babylon.  Wow!  It doesn't take much to impress them, does it?

I wasn't sure how many ladies would show up because it was so COLD!  But there were four of us, so that was pretty good.

When we got into the church we found that the heat was off.  I didn't know how to work the computerized thermostat, so called Pastor Justin.  BUT all I got was his voicemail.  So I found a space heater and we turned that on.  Fortunately Deacon Joe came in to deliver something to his wife and he was able to turn the heat on.  I never really got warm, but it sure helped.

Pastor Justin came in toward the end of the study to pray with us and he reset it.  He had forgotten to add Tuesday to the week's menu on the computer.  Oops!

In the afternoon I took Joe to the VA Hospital for one of his doctor's appointments.  He was having a hard time walking so I went into the appointment with him.  I try to stay quiet when I am in there so that it is HIS appointment and not mine.  But the doctor was also talking to me and I mentioned that I am running out of vacation time to bring him to the hospital all the time.  She asked if I could get Family Medical Leave.  I said, yes but I was trying to find a doctor willing to fill out the forms.  She said she would, so we have another appointment in two weeks which I also have to attend to fill out the paperwork.  While I won't get paid for the time I spend taking him back and forth, I also won't run out all my time and be put on the abuse list and face being laid off for two weeks.

It was overcast on the way over to the hospital and since it was early afternoon the traffic was really light.  I made it in the fastest time ever -- just 30 minutes.  But on the way home there was another ICE STORM!  People were leaving center city early to try to race the storm home.  However, no one was racing anywhere.  It took me over 2 hours to get home.  I was on the on-ramp to I-95 for over 15 minutes.  Move 6 inches, stop.  Move 12 inches, stop.  Move 4 inches, stop.  You get the picture.  It was awful.

When I got home I got Joe inside and then went to work.  I was there for only 2 1/2 hours, but at least I showed up.  It was solid ice when we got out of work.  I took Diane home and then made my own way home.  It was tough.  Pulling up to our house I saw that the pavement and steps were solid ice also.  I very carefully made my way into the house and then threw salt all over the steps and pavement.

Joe had called for dinner for us.  He got me a gyro sandwich.  I really like those things.

I took today off to take Joe to two doctor's and a dentist's appointments.  But he has not been able to sleep all night so he cancelled the doctors.  I will get him up in an hour for the dentist.  I hope he will be able to go.  I wasn't looking forward to another drive out to the hospital today, but the dentist is only a mile away.  And it's raining and has washed all the ice away.  But we're expecting a major snow storm tomorrow.  *sigh*  I hope this is the LAST one for the year.

I'd better get off of here.  I have to shower, dress, get to the bank, get to the dentist, make cookies for Bible Study tonight and get dinner.  I'm going to be busy.  At least I took it easy this morning.

Have a good day everyone.


  1. Oh, Kathy! What a grueling day for you...and several long days! I hope the FML can get through and help you. It's too bad it isn't retroactive.
    Hope today is a better one and that hubby makes it to the dentist. xo Diana

    1. Human Resources tells me it can be retroactive up to one month.

  2. Hi Kathy, Bless your are so kind to take your work friend home. Taking your Joe to all his appointments and helping with church group. I hope you can get the family leave , as it will help you both. What's going on with Joe? I am going to pray for you guys. xoxo,Susie

  3. Oh brbrrrrrr more ice!! Megan had one sliver of ice sliding down her windshield on her way to work. Our days are cool, no clouds but really cold at night. We have had a dry winter but some coming next week, which Oregon needs badly. Hope Joe gets better sleep and you take care on those streets and walks.

  4. Such a busy lady! Your schedule makes me feel tired. I hope Joe feels better soon.Praying this 'storm'
    turns out to be here & gone. Take care my friend.

  5. Adding my comments to those entered before and kudos to you, Kathy, for being such a wonderful helpmate to Joe and also to your friend. Glad you made it safely through the snow and ice and yes, hope winter will be ending soon.


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