Friday, March 27, 2015


Yes, folks, it's time for another Friday View.  I have a cute one for you today.  Last week Liz, our children's librarian, was on vacation so Jerry, the adult librarian (with three small grandchildren), filled in as the reader for the Preschool Storytime.

He even wore a Cat-in-the-Hat hat when he read Green Eggs and Ham.  The theme for the day was "green".

Because he was the only librarian in that day, I had to sit at his desk and play librarian.  So I took these pictures from there.

What were my co-workers doing while this was going on?  Why working, of course.

Have a good day, everyone!

Thursday's weather:
High:  69 degrees
Low:  39 degrees 


  1. Looks like he did a good job! Thanks for all the comments on my posts. Life has been so super crazy for me friend. Lee Lee just got released from the hospital yesterday and I'm up this morning bright and early because I slept 1/2 the evening away trying to catch up on rest LOL

  2. The hat looks good on Jerry! I'm sure it was a really special day!

  3. What fun pictures. I know you LOVED sitting behind that desk! xo Diana

  4. One of my daughters is a teacher, and she has always worn the'hat' when she reads the story to her class. Happy Friday to you.

  5. Kathy, I bet the kids loved that hat. It looks nice and cozy in that area. Hope you and Joe have a good weekend, xoxo, Susie

  6. The children must have enjoyed their story time. Those poinsettias are making me feel better for hanging onto mine. =D

    1. They are poinsettias, but we tell the kids they are daisies.

  7. How fun...story time and Cat in the Hat hat! We had a warm spring day yesterday and 3 PM was 71 degrees! Went to the tulip farm and got some great shots. Going back out again next weekend! Have a good weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog! :-}


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