Thursday, March 12, 2015


It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.  The sun is shining, the temperatures are warming up and I am feeling much happier than I have in weeks.  That's what sunshine will do for you.

Lots of changes going on.  At home Joe is going to physical therapy, getting a new walker, and will hopefully be more mobile in the next few weeks without falling.  So that means I will have to rearrange a lot of the furniture in the house so that he will be able to walk through the rooms with the walker.  And THAT means I have to clean, clean, clean.

The other day Snowy tried to present us with a mouse.  A LIVE mouse.  She didn't understand when Mommy screamed.  But I am so glad to finally have a cat that is a mouser.  Our other cats weren't.  I guess with the house next door being torn up and the apartment building in back of us taking up the open land the mice have no where to go.  But they can go back outside, thank you very much!

Yes, the apartment building is finally being worked on again.  After months of inactivity with all the bad weather, there are now workmen out there every day.  Looks like the second floor is going to have a balcony.  See the french doors?

At work there are changes going on.  Diane B. is leaving to go to another branch.  Saturday will be her last day.  The Friday/Saturday schedule has to be redone.  I made up a tentative schedule yesterday but have to talk to a couple of people to make sure they can make the changes I planned.  

I also got my yearly evaluation and it is the best one I ever had!  I was so surprised and pleased.

At church there are changes going on.  Our one hour Bible Study last night turned into a two hour prayer meeting.  Wow!  Also Choir Practice starts on Saturday.  I am hoping to be a part of it.  Right now I can't sing with what is going on with my esophagus, but I am going to be playing the piano for them.  Hopefully I will be able to sing in a few weeks in time for Easter.

So that's what's been happening, folks.  Now it is time for me to get something to eat, get dressed and head to work till 8 p.m.  It's a long day.

Have a good day, everyone.

Wednesday's weather:
High:  60 degrees!
Low:  46 degrees
Sunrise:  7:18 a.m.
Sunset:  7:02 p.m.
Length of visible light:  12 hours and 38 minutes    


  1. Sunshine does make a difference in our outlook. My hubby has to use a walker too, and he has the kind with a seat, so that if he is somewhere and has to stand for a while, he can sit down. Hope it helps your hubby too.
    Praying the rest of your day goes smoothly.

    1. Joe has a walker with small wheels in front and skis on the back. He is getting one with larger wheels on all four legs and a seat. He thinks he will do better with it. Glad to hear that it helps your husband. It makes me think that this might be the answer. At least for awhile. The physical therapy is to get him up and walking on his own again.

  2. Sure do hope that this walker will help Joe. He must be frustrated, along with you. Just remember Jesus is with you!

    When the sun comes out here in the Seattle area, everyone goes nuts! We didn't have the snow but do we have the cloudy skies and RAIN!

  3. Wow- That is a lot of changes going on all at once! But- you are handling them. I am so glad that you got such a good evaluation. That always makes you feel that you are doing something right and worthwhile. Good luck with Joe's rehab...and maybe he could hit mice with his walker.

  4. Hopefully all the changes will be for the better. The sunny,warmer weather does help improve one's outlook.
    The walker sounds like it will be good for Joe. Congrats on your evaluation!! I'm so happy for you.The house does seem to be going up again. I think I'd like a balcony....but not with the view I'd have.Everybody's backyards? Don't think so.
    My hyacinths are just starting to peek out. Enjoy the sun!


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