Thursday, March 19, 2015


And on the first day of Spring we are expecting a major snow storm.  OK, maybe not that major but 1 inch to 3 inches is predicted.  Major enough for me.

I thought I was going to have to go to my endoscopy appointment in it.  I got a call today saying I should be at the surgery center by 8:45 a.m.  Then the person talking to me asked me a bunch of questions:  Had I been vaccinated for measles? (No, I had measles as a child.)  Remember to bring your insurance card and payment.  No jewelry or makeup.  (Yeah, I know all that.)  Had I been told to take my heart and thyroid medication?  (Yes, it was all written down for me.)  Have I been out of the country in the last three weeks?  (Yeah, I've been flying all over the place on my private jet.  Uh huh.)  Then came the kicker:  Have you had any kind of illness or infection in the last three weeks?  Yes.  I have a doctor's appointment today.  I have a major sinus infection, but it's going away now.  I called the office of the doctor doing the procedure and they said I could go ahead and have it done as long as I was on antibiotics.  I was getting them today.

Oh... you don't think I can?  I was told to call back as soon as I came back from my doctor's visit.

Then a few minutes later the lady from the surgery center called me back.  She had spoken to the doctor himself and he refused to do the procedure because he did not want to spread the infection throughout my body and there was a good chance that would happen.  Also, with my sinuses all swollen there was a chance I would not get enough oxygen.  So I am to call back two weeks from today to reschedule.

In the meantime, my esophagus has been behaving.  I am so happy about that.  But I still need to have this test done to see what has been going in.  I'm stll being careful what I eat too.

I went to see my family doctor and she said even the ear that isn't bothering me is all red.  And both sinuses are swollen even though I feel only the one.  She gave me some antibiotics and told me to start up my allergy medication again.  I had gone off of it for the winter because it is so expensive.  But she seems to think that the infection is because of my allergies.  So even if I don't take the medication during the winter, I need it for the spring, summer and fall.  *sigh*

I needed a note to go back to work.  The girl at the front desk was on the phone so she told me to have a seat and she would be right with me.  After about 20 minutes I went up to the window and asked for the note.  I told her I had to be in work in 10 minutes and I was going to be late.  She had forgotten all about me.  (I know my sister Elaine will not be surprised by this.  She saw them in action first hand.)

I went home and got Joe breakfast, ate some leftover cheesy bread from the night before, threw some chicken and potatoes in the crockpot for dinner, went to get my medicine and went to work.  I was glad I did.  I knew they were shorthanded and they were happy to see me show up.  We were going to be shorthanded tomorrow also, but now I can go to work and there will be enough people to man the front desk.

The librarians have been shorthanded this week also.  So for a lot of this week I've had to sit in and be "librarian".  The Book Club met tonight and I had to sit at the librarian's desk again.  I just love it.  I so wish I had had enough money to finish college and be a librarian like I wanted to be.  But I'm not unhappy where I am, either.  I feel that something is better than nothing.

I fell asleep after eating dinner.  I have been so tired today.  I almost fell asleep at the doctor's office.  The guy sitting a few seats away from me did.  His eyes were closed and he was snoring.  So when I woke up I decided to write this post.  But now I am going back to bed and getting a few more hours sleep.  Just remember....

   And I have off this Saturday.  Hurray!!!



  1. It's annoying to have to postpone your appointment,especially when you want answers.Sorry to hear about your sinus. Some allergies exist year round. Hope you feel better soon.
    Remember,in the eyes of the public,you ARE a librarian!
    Enjoy your Saturday!!

  2. You poor girl. I had a couple of tests scheduled that were put off because of how long my pneumonia lasted and symptoms even after my lungs were clear. Crazy, isn't it?
    Hope you have a great weekend, Kathy. xo Diana

  3. I hope all you health issues get straightened out. NO FUN!! We had a lovely day yesterday, nice and warm. Today it was cloudy and it rained late in the afternoon on the first day of spring and the tulip festival! Yes, there are alot of tulips up already. I am going out to photograph on Friday afternoon. See what will be up. Hopefully it won't be so crowded since it is spring break. Take care and prayers for ya!

  4. I loved your Spring quotes and I'm very glad Winter is officially over. I'm sorry you had to reschedule your appointment, but just hang in there and hopefully you'll have some answers soon. Hugs, Dee.


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