Thursday, January 8, 2015


It is so COLD here.  Winter has finally hit Philadelphia, PA.  It's only 10 degrees getting up to a high of 20 degrees today.  I am freezing, even in the house with the fire going.  But I can't complain too much.  I remember last winter -- the winter that I thought would never end.  And all the snow.  At least the little bit we had the other day is all we have had all winter.  Here's a look at my back yard.

I don't know why these came out so dark.  I will try to get better pictures today or tomorrow.

I feel so sorry for the stray cats I feed.  I remember how I took Snowy in last year and she would have died if I hadn't.  She is such a sweet cat too.  I have tried to take a couple of others in, but they are shy of people and won't come near me.

There is more work being done on the building behind me.  I hear pounding and saws, but don't see anyone working.  So they must be working on the front of the house.  Because of the ice I haven't driven down the street lately.  As soon as it clears, I will.  I like to see what's going on.  But I have a feeling the siding is going up because I see scaffolding.

I also took a picture of the holly tree.  I love this shot.  Can you see all the holly berries on it?

Ignore the date.  This really is not a shot from the future.  I have since fixed the date on my camera.

We have another new Library Assistant at work.  She started on Tuesday with an introduction to the branch and us!  Her name is Angela and she will be working on Fridays and Saturdays.  She is so nice and really picked up the work quickly.  I'm looking forward to working with her.  So we have a good group going on now.  We have our six Library Assistants, two guards and two Librarians.  That means -- we are ready to go to six day service.  It's starting faster than we anticipated.  This is actually our last week of five days and we will be open six days starting next week.  That means that after this week there will be no more going to Fishtown and no more Fishtown people coming to us.  I will miss going to Fishtown, but it will be so much easier to stay in my own branch.  I can get a lot more work done.

And I need more time to get some work done.  It is so busy.  I make a list of what I have to do each day.  Yesterday I had 17 things on my list and got 4 done.  Everything seems to take so much time!

Here is my 8:30 a.m. picture for today.  I took the first one around 8:15 and the second around 9:15.  What a difference in just one hour.  If only the sun could warm things up!

I love how you can see the rays of the sun despite my dirty window.
Now I really have to get ready for work.  Until later...



  1. Yes, I can see all the berries on the tree, and love the pictures you post. Just stay warm and if you do go out, be safe.

  2. Stay warm! We need a warm up to above freezing soon! Glad you got your extra help at work.

  3. Hi Kathy, It is cold here also. We keep a fire going in the fire place and the heat is set at 68. I use the oven and dry clothes on days like this. It was -3 degrees as we went to town at noon. Wind chill is in the danger zone. Stay safe...we have 72 more days till Spring honey. xoxo,Susie

  4. I am usually a winter person but even I think it's a bit too cold. The wind doesn't help.I take my husband's
    advice & dress in works! Don't forget the extra socks!
    Glad to hear you are fully staffed. I will miss coming to your branch but I do like Fishtown. It may be smaller however I like cozy.
    Bundle up & stay warm! Snuggles

  5. Hello Kathy, very interesting post and photos.

    The mere mention of cold weather makes me shiver. Here we don't have cold weather and snow. We have a moderate climate. It rains copiously during rainy season which lasts for about four to five months a year. At present it is a bit chill in the early mornings but we don't need warm clothes. The only time I used warm clothes was when I was working in Bopal. There it is very hot and very cold because it is far away from the sea. Bhopal is located in central India. Kochi where i live at present is close to the sea and in summer the humidity is high.

    I liked the photo of holly tree. In good sunlight it will look very pretty

    I also like the way you plan your daily activities. I used to do this when I was working for getting my jobs done. But I never really planned my own daily tasks. It is good idea to plan and complete each task one by one. This kind of planning gives a sense of purpose for each day and also good feeling of accomplishment as each task gets done.

    Wish you all the best.


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