Friday, January 23, 2015


This has been quite a week.  I've been working every other day.  That has made it very confusing for me.

Monday -- Holiday for Martin Luther King Day.
Tuesday -- worked 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Wednesday -- took a personal day to take Joe to an appointment
Thursday -- worked 11:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Friday -- day off this week
Saturday -- working 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

You would think with all the time off I would have done a lot around the house.  Instead, all I did was sleep.  I am so tired all the time.

Today I went to the doctor's to get my 3 month blood test.  Each time I am tested for different things.  While I was there I asked the doctor to look at my hand.  I have had a lump growing on my index finger on my right hand.  It hurts something awful.  It is starting to shrink, but the pain is still bad.  I thought it might be a cyst, but she thinks it is a torn tendon.  It just has to heal.

Because I couldn't eat before the blood test, I was really hungry when I left the office.  It was almost 11:30.  So I went to the Chinese buffet and got take away.  I didn't know they had it, but I asked and they did.  So for under $5 I got a big lunch.  It was so good.

We were supposed to have a lot of snow on Tuesday and it turned out to be a dusting.  More rain than anything else.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a major snow storm.  I am hoping for more rain.  If it is bad, I will take the bus instead of driving.  I am glad I work so close to home.

It's getting late so I will get right to your Friday View.  I took this the other day when I parked my car.  These houses are on the next street over from me.  It's the last vestiage of Christmas.  Two days after I took this, all the lights were gone.

I've started decorating for Valentine's Day so hopefully I will show that to you this week.



  1. I agree with your hope for the forecast. It's Saturday morning & I see a small amount of snow but it seems to be turning to rain. I won't know how slippery til I leave for work. Hopefully the rain will wash away the snow .
    It's the freezing over that concerns me.
    Stay safe,my friend

  2. We have been 'washed' with heavy rain more this winter, actually this year, than ever before. We were hoping for just a little snow, but so far, nada. Hope work goes fast for you today, so that you can rest.

  3. I can see where working ever other day would be confusing.
    Hope you are feeling better and I pray that it rains. You can have some of our rain, cause we have plenty!

  4. Working or just having your family "off" on different days than usual will mess up your mental clock, for sure. Or calendar, I suppose. Christmas and all the ons and offs and through the New Year celebrations and school starting back---I never knew Tuesday from April. Seemed weeks of Sundays in there, somehow.

    Hope your finger improves quickly---that's one of the most distracting things, I think---you forget about it when there's no pain, and then bump it on something or move it wrong, and WOW.

    So glad you can ride the bus when the weather hits---how convenient not to have to shovel and park. I'd be taking them up on it just in the rain, I'm afraid---I'm still a country girl when it comes to city driving.

    Stay warm and well,


  5. Over the holidays, I worked only 3 days, week of Christmas then new years. Now it's back to usual four days a week. This past week I worked early shift and it was nice to be off at 4:30 but really didn't like up at 6:15 a.m. Back to normal this week!!! Nice photo of the Christmas lights. My family that lives near Pittsburgh got some nice snow yesterday. We had nice warm day, almost 60 degrees. 70 in the house. So beautiful outdoors so we were out early afternoon on walk. Unusually warm right now. We will see what happens next month!!! Not much snow in the mountains so no skiing for people. Have a good weekend!!


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