Saturday, January 10, 2015


This is titled part one because there is a lot more Christmas to clear out of this little house.  But first I wanted to show you the snow we got.  Such a little bit.  Especially compared with last year.  According to the news this year we have gotten 1.6 inches.  Last year by this time we had gotten 22 inches.  Quite a difference!

I have been so exhausted.  I didn't do anything on my day off  yesterday.  In the late afternoon, however, I got up enough ambition to do SOMETHING about my lingering Christmas.  I had hung my stockings with care on the bannister along with my Christmas cards.

So they came down.  It looks so bare now.

And I put my New Year's Cherished Teddy by the TV.

I hated to get rid of the Christmas tree.  It was so beautiful.  But all good things must come to an end.

Now I have a cute snowman lamp that my friend, Chrissy, gave me for Christmas.  It looked lonely by itself so I added my cardinals.  They are red like the lampshade.  I like this so much I think it will stay up through Valentine's Day.

On my little fireplace stove I put a penquin stuck in a snow globe.  It sparkles and changes colors.  It is so cute!

And behind it is a jar candle I just bought this year at Rite Aid.  (Boy, I spend so much money in that store!)  It has two cardinals on it sitting on snowy tree branches.

That's as far as I got before my energy ran out.  But at least it's a start.

I had to work today.  Fortunately I had a lot of help and it wasn't too busy.  I was really tired, though, so we called out for Chinese food for dinner.  I am still really tired even after eating so I think it's going to be an early to bed night.

But before I go here is my 8:30 a.m. picture from yesterday.  As you can see it's cloudy and gray.

But look at these cool clouds Joe and I saw later in the day.

I haven't downloaded this morning's picture, though, so that will have to be the topic of another post.

I'm literally falling asleep at my keyboard, so I will end.



  1. I am going to take our little tree down tomorrow and put it in it's box. I did vacuum tonight cuz I showed Megan how to use the new vacuum. It is different than our other one. I'm resting now since my back hurts from vacuuming! Sigh! But the house is cleaner and it was one of the things on my list to do. Went on an impromptu date with Phil this afternoon for lunch and Best Buy. Good time, weather cool and a bit damp. We have had 4 days of fog this week. Yesterday was pretty. I was indoors shopping and didn't see the lovely sunset everyone was posting on facebook!! Oh well!! I did see Mt. Hood earlier in the day so that was a highlight. Have a good weekend!! God bless!

  2. I think the snowmen & cardinals are adorable! I agree to leave them up for Valentine's Day.THAT is my
    holiday! I love to spread love around.Everyone should be made to feel special & there are many who have no one. Call me sentimental...
    I couldn't believe the cloud photo. how cool is that? Thanks for sharing! Take a page out of the library patron's book.....get a video or a good book and cup of tea (or cocoa) and curl up!
    Happy snuggles!

  3. Hi Kathy, thanks fot visiting my blog. Christmas comes but once a year and as hard as it is, if you dont take the decorarations down then you'll have nothing to look forward to next November.


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