Monday, November 24, 2014


Sunday night was our 6th annual Pie and Praise Thanksgiving service.

It was such a good time. Everyone brought pies.  There were so many pies they didn't all fit on the table!  We had some on the pews until there was room to display them.  Next year we need a bigger table!

I had offered to bring a sugar-free pie.  I made a sugar-free pumpkin pie.  I brought home one little piece for Joe to have tomorrow.  The rest went.  So it must have been good.

We had singing led by Pastor Justin and Caity.

Joe A. (not to be confused with my husband, Joe S.) was the special music.  He has such a beautiful voice.

We had a time of thanksgiving where almost everyone shared.  So very, very much to be thankful for.  And we had three people reading psalms of thanksgiving.  I didn't get a picture of Anne, but here is Jim doing his reading.

The third reader was me!  I was surprised when Pastor Justin asked me to read, but I'm always happy to do it.

After a closing song it was time to eat.

The inspection of the pies.  Which one will they choose?
Anne, Miss A, and mom Cherie
Grandmom, Miss A and mom
Rich and Joe (the mustache guys)

Rich took this great picture of Joe and me.

Dottie and Caity.  Sunday was Caity's birthday.  We all sang to her.

Dominic trying out Pastor Justin's guitar.  He's a part of our youth group and just accepted Christ as his Savior two weeks ago.

Of course I had to get a close up of Miss A and her mom, Cherie.  She's teething and didn't want to smile for me today.  I tried.
It was a wonderful time.  So glad I had a chance to go and be a part of it.  I now feel I'm ready to experience Thanksgiving Day.


  1. Miss a is such a cutie! I LOVE your fall shirt! Great pic of you & Joe. It looks like everybody had a fun time. Thanks for sharing the photos!


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