Saturday, November 1, 2014


Friday, October 31 -- Happy Halloween!  I had off from work today and it was the first time in YEARS that I have been home.  It was nice.  I puttered around in the morning and then Joe and I met our friend Donna and we went to Chick-fil-A for lunch.  It was fun.  I haven't seen Donna in awhile.

After lunch we dropped her off and then went to Home Depot.  A while back someone decided to kick in the gate in our alleyway that leads to our back yard.  Joe bought some lattice to fix it and some paint.  That's his next project.

When we got home Joe laid down because his back was hurting him so badly.  I went to work doing wash and cleaning the house.  I was surprised at how much I got done.  It's not finished by a long shot, but I'll just keep plugging away and hope I can get the downstairs finished by Thanksgiving.  That's my goal anyway.  So much paperwork to go through.  How do I get so much paper?

We had so much candy and only 14 kids showed up.  Well, that's about average for us.  And it was COLD! So there's a lot left over.  I'm taking some to work tomorrow.

Today is the last day of the photo challenge.  I was going to do one in November also, but I think I will skip it and just do my own thing.  This has been fun, but I'm ready to move on to something else.  Today's topic is "Whatever You Please".  So I decided to show you some of my decorations.

 It's very late (or should I say early since it's 4 a.m.).  I need to get a couple more hours sleep before I have to get up for work.  Until later....

Friday's weather:
High:  53 degrees (11 degrees below average)
Low:  38 degrees (1 degree below average)
Sunrise:  7:29 a.m.
Sunset:  5:59 p.m.
10 hours and 30 minutes of daylight   


  1. It was kinda chilly,wasn't it? I was in center city for my Tech Training (computer) class. It was a bit fast
    paced but interesting. They provided danish & bagels plus coffee,tea,juice or water to drink. I was grateful for
    the coffee.I was able to get my photo ID too. Woo hoo!
    Your decorations are always so pretty....thank you for sharing them.I enjoyed going through the challenge with you,but isn't it funny how things come & go? I think we all enjoy variety....
    Stay warm!

  2. I had about 27 kids, that is half the usual amount of kiddies. But it was grey and only in the mid 50's. I hate having leftover candy, even though I buy what I do not like! haha! I feel that when blogging gets to be too much like a job, I need to cut back, I have not posted since June! I really didn't plan to be away for so long, but I get a lot more done in the meantime, especially if I was working, I could not do it all. No real reason to knock yourself out, Kathy. balance is key. It is OK to say no sometimes to various obligations. At 60, I cannot do what I did at 40, no way.

  3. I'm sorry you couldn't link up your last two posts! :( I had to pay for the link up thing and it was only for one month - so I can't do anything about that, or I definitely would!!

    You were such a trooper through this whole thing!! I'm so glad you joined in and continued with it despite all you went through this month!! It's been great 'getting to know' you here! :) I'll be sure to pop in now and again! You seem like such a sweet and genuine person! Blessings to you and yours Kathy!! ☼

  4. Well done Kathy!
    Every time I flip my calendar I think of you.
    Next we "flip" our clocks.

    1. We sure do, Christine. I'm remembering it now, but hope I remember it tonight! My memory is not what it once was and it never was very good.


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