Saturday, November 29, 2014


Only one book finished this month.  Almost finished another, but that will go on December's Reading List.  I guess I was really busy.
Letters to Katie:  A Middlefield Family Novel by Kathleen Fuller
Published 2013

Letters to Katie by Kathy Fuller
Katherine Yoder has loved Johnny Mullet since they were children, but he never actively returned her affections.  Like so many things in their world, he assumes Katherine will always be there.  Once his horse farm is a success, then he will court her in earnest.
For several weeks, Katherine has been plagued by severe headaches and dizziness.  While she is resting at home, Johnny unexpectedly visits, but when dizziness strikes, she loses consciousness.  She awakens hours later in a hospital bed, unable to remember how she got there.
Seeing Katherine injured and vulnerable stirs something in Johnny, and his guilt compels him to spend time with her while she heals.  Soon his heart begins to stir with questions:  Does she even remember why he'd come to her house that day?
As Katherine struggles to recall recent memories of Johnny, a surprise visitor arrives in her already unsteady world -- a man named Isaac who claims they had been writing letters to each other, even considering marriage, before her illness.  With two men vying for her attention and her memory still elusive, Katherine has never felt so divided.  The answer may lie behind a door she never considered opening.
When this was returned to the library a few weeks ago, I was intrigued and got it out to read.  I had never heard of the author, but I love Amish fiction.  However, as I read it, I discovered that it's book number 3 in a series and things referred to in the book were unknown to me.  In spite of this the story was wonderful.  I am so happy I picked it up.  Now I'm going back to read the previous two books.

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  1. It's interesting that I've found some of my favorite books by seeing them that way. Either library returns,
    discards, or even mentioned in a narrative (not in a review). With my to-be-read stack more than a foot high...
    guess I need to find more for my back list,huh? Ha ha!
    Happy reading all!


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