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Mr Peabody & Sherman

Rated PG
Release date: 7 March 2014 (USA)  
Mr. Peabody (Ty Burrell), the most accomplished canine in the world, and his boy, Sherman (Max Charles), use a time machine called the Wabac  (pronounced Way Back) to embark on outrageous adventures. However, when Sherman takes the Wabac without permission to impress his friend Penny (Ariel Winter), he accidentally rips a hole in the universe and causes havoc with world history. It's up to Mr. Peabody to mount a rescue and prevent the past, present and future from being permanently altered. 

Joe and I loved this movie.  It held our interest throughout the entire movie.  Even though it was probably aimed at children (and there was some questionable stuff for children in there), adults could enjoy it too.  Especially adults who grew up with the "Rocky and Bullwinkle Show" and remember the original Mr Peabody and Sherman cartoons.

Christianity Today had a group of children view it and they reviewed it this way:

The movie is creative, funny, and entertaining. The historical characters were hilarious. They travel to the French Revolution, ancient Egypt, the Trojan War, and the Italian Renaissance. Leonardo da Vinci, King Tut, Marie Antoinette and the Trojan soldiers were quirky, silly, and fun to watch.

The film's plot was imaginative and surprising at times. Mr. Peabody was full of unexpected ideas, and acts unpredictably when faced with losing Sherman. The historical scenes were exciting and even a bit educational.

There were very few things we didn't like about this movie. It was hard to watch Penny as she bullied Sherman and disrespected Mr. Peabody. However, she changed and eventually becomes a good friend to Sherman. The storyline was a bit predictable at some points, but overall still very entertaining.

Through the movie, Sherman learns to trust, listen to, and obey his father. Mr. Peabody learns to believe in Sherman and give him more responsibility. Penny changes the most. She becomes gentle and caring as she and Sherman work together. The movie teaches lessons not to judge by looks, as Mr. Peabody is judged as an unfit parent because he is a dog. The characters come to know that Mr. Peabody should be judged on his actions and character, not his outward appearance.

If you are an animation fan as I am, you will like this movie.



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  2. My kids loved this movie. I have not seen it myself. I don't mind the remakes at all- I think sometimes it makes the show more relevant to the kids of the present which means they will enjoy it as we did in our time. xo Diana

  3. Can't wait watch movies with sweet tea. I know I'd probably love these type of movies. Thanks for the review.

  4. My family enjoyed this one too!! I agree, there certainly were a few things I found inappropriate for my girls (ages 5 & 7) but we used them for teaching moments. Overall it was entertaing and funny!!
    My hubby and I love cartoon movies...even without the kids! ;)


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