Friday, December 31, 2010


Paperwhites are strange flowers.  You either love them or hate them.  I love them because they bloom at Christmas when everything else seems dead or dormant.  And they grow so quickly.  I could almost watch them grow throughout the day.  I got three bulbs at the farm in the fall and kept them to plant this year.  It is the first time I have done it since I've been married.  They have a very strong scent.  Joe hates the scent.  He can't wait for them to die.  Guess I won't be doing this next year.


  1. I am laughing all through this post! I absolutely love them too because who sees such lovely flowers in the wintertime? But I agree with Joe, they are the stinkiest things ever! Hahahahaha!

    Happy New Year! How are you celebrating tonight?

  2. We are just staying home. We usually get a pu-pu platter from the local Chinese restaurant, but neither of us is up to it this year. We will still stay up and toast in the New Year with our grape juice, though.


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