Monday, December 20, 2010

I'll Be Glad When It's Over

There are so many things I will be glad to see over.  Today we went to the Hallmark store to try to finally finish things up.  I got slightly sick driving over there, but it passed.  What is it with the car and getting sick?  I got the cards I needed and some Christmas candles.  I will be glad when all of the Christmas shopping is over because I am tired of going from store to store and always finding there is more to get when I have no money.  But I am doing the best I can.

I see the doctor tomorrow for my first follow-up visit following surgery.  I will be glad when it is over and I know just where I stand.  I think for 3 weeks (today) I am doing wonderfully.  I started eating solid food yesterday.  I chew it up very well and I have not been getting sick on it.  I hope I am doing the right thing.  I need to talk to Dr. Chojnacki about it tomorrow.

I will be glad when all the steri-strips are off and I can get my skin cleared up.  There are two left and they are on very tightly.  I am hoping she will remove them tomorrow.  My stomach isn't black and blue anymore.  Now it is all raw and scabby from my adhesive allergy.

On the other hand....

I will NOT be glad to have the Christmas Eve service at my sister's church over.  It is always a beautiful service with several choirs, a couple of messages, and the best part is at the end when they turn out the lights, everyone stands in a circle with a lit candle and we all sing "Silent Night."  So beautiful.

I will NOT be glad when Christmas is over.  I am looking forward to Christmas and being with my sister.  I am looking forward to the surprised looks on Joe and Elaine's faces when they see their gifts.  I am looking forward to making them happy.  And it is so nice that I hear songs about Jesus even on the secular radio stations.  I love the Christmas lights.  When I was a very little girl (2 or 3 years old) I used to call them "Happy Birthday, Jesus Lights."

I will NOT be glad when my birthday is over.  I like being a Christmas baby and being able to put my birthday gifts under the Christmas tree.  I always felt I was special when I was a little girl because my birthday was 4 days after Jesus'.

So even though there are things I will be glad to see over, I guess there is more that I am looking forward to.  Tomorrow I'll give a report on what the doctor says.

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