Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Good News from the Doctor

The tree at the Steamboat Inn in Paradise, PA Christmas 2009.

Who would have guessed that at 56 years old I would be a poster child?  That is what the doctor said to me today -- that I was the poster child for hiatal hernia surgery.  She said it was one of the easiest she had ever done and I am recovering remarkably well.

The first doctor I saw was one of the residents -- a Doctor Richards -- who removed the final two steri-strips.  The skin on my stomach is in bad shape, but hurts a lot less now.  I think a lot of the pain was coming from my adhesive allergy.  There is still some pain left, but it's better.

Dr. Chojnacki was very pleased with my progress.  I asked if I could up my diet a bit from pureed food.  She said that I should avoid crusty bread, things like chips and popcorn (crispy things) and meat.  Other than that, if I could tolerate it and it didn't get stuck in my esophagus I could eat it.  My throat and stomach are still swollen and it will take about another 9 weeks to go back to normal size.  She even said I could have a piece of cake for my birthday.  In fact she said I deserved it.  That's nice.  She thinks a lot of the progress I've made is because I followed their instructions exactly.  I guess a lot of people cheat.  All right I cheated only once, but was very sorry afterwards.  I guess once in three weeks is better than most.

So Christmas, my birthday and New Year's Eve is looking a little brighter for me food wise.  I never thought much about food until I couldn't have it.  Now I look up new recipes and think up new ideas for things that I can eat.  We always want what we can't have.  Human beings are a strange entity.


  1. So happy for you Kathy. We will keep praying for you. Sending love and blessings your way....Love you...Also thanks for taking care of Mikki when she visits. It is nice to know she has someone nearby like you and Elaine to go to.

  2. Mikki is a joy. God has blessed you and Mike with two wonderful girls.

  3. What good news! I am glad you have become a poster child! God is good because operations can go either way! BTW, when is your birthday?

  4. Glad you got good news from the Doc!!!

  5. Super news!! Praise the Lord! I am so happy the news was good.Now I know a poster child! Ha! Ha!
    We will still keep you in prayer as you navigate your way back to full strength.
    Lottsa love & hugs!


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