Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Shopping

I took it easy most of the day, but about 3 p.m. Joe and I decided to go Christmas shopping for a few things.  Joe had ordered his dad's gift online and never got it.  After calling the company this morning he discovered that the shirts he ordered were out of stock and would not be back in until after the holidays.  So he canceled the order and we went to Foreman Mills to see what we could find.  Well it took awhile, but we found two nice shirts at half the price he would have paid online.  I also found a nice top for his dad's wife and a pretty pink sweatshirt for me.  I have been wearing sweatshirts because they are soft on my poor incision laden stomach.

Then we went to Dollar Tree and I got a bunch of stuff for my sister's stocking.  I still have almost nothing for Joe's stocking.  I have to go to Rite Aid and see what they have there.  I would have done that tonight but after walking around so much my incisions were killing me.  So painful.  I felt like someone was stabbing me with a knife and then the pain made me feel nauseous.  So even though I drove to the stores, Joe had to drive home.  I guess I'm just too anxious to be well.  I think I can do it all after 2 weeks.

Joe's dad called tonight to see how I was doing.  He doesn't sound good at all.  Please continue to pray for him because he is still having trouble breathing.  He does much better in the hospital, then they send him home and he gets bad again.

I knew Joe must have been getting short on money, so for some unknown reason I asked him to check his bank account when we got home tonight.  It must have been God's leading, because when he pulled up his account online he discovered that someone had used his debit/credit card and charged over $800 on it.  There is no way we would be using that kind of money with me out of work.  And it was for a travel agency.  Yeah, I'm really in a state to travel.  So he got on the phone right away and called the bank and then the agency and put a hold on everything and canceled his card.  God really took care of this because it had just happened and he was able to cancel everything without losing any money.  Even in the midst of someone trying to hurt us, God is in control of the situation and is fighting for us.  Praise the Lord!

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  1. Kathy, I am so glad you felt able to do a little Christmas shopping, and I am so glad that Joe caught the charge on his debit/credit card. That is crazy! Praise the Lord that He is watching over you.


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