Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Visit from a Friend

I had a very nice visit with my friend, Sarah, today.  Joe went to pick her up and brought her over here.  My favorite little person, Elise, was with her.  Poor Elise was sleeping when they came in, but as soon as we started talking, she woke up and looked around like, "Where am I?"

One of the first things Elise discovered was the stuffed animals and my Raggedy Ann doll that I keep on the back of the sofa.  So she had lots of things to play with.  Joe gave her some goldfish crackers and she ate almost all of them.  She was so cute when she took a tissue and wiped her mouth after she ate.  We had to laugh.

It was so good to see Sarah.  She stayed for a couple of hours so we had lots of time to talk and catch up on things.  She is such a nice person and such a good friend.  Sometimes not being able to get around as well as I used to I feel so left out of things.  She understood that and came to give me someone new to talk to.  What a sweetheart!  Even though she is moving to New York when she gets married in Oct 2012 she says she will be down often to see everyone.  I sure hope so.

Here's some pictures.

Elise with her "na-na".  She wouldn't let go of it until she saw the goldfish crackers.

Here she is wiping her mouth with the tissue.  But her tongue is out to get the last little crumbs.

Elise and her mom, Sarah.

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