Monday, May 8, 2017


I was going through my pictures the other day looking for something new and wonderful to show you and I came across my flower show pictures.  This happened in March and I never got them posted.  Oh well, I have something for today.

Joe and I love the Flower Show.  It is an annual event put on by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.  When the Flower Show comes to town you know that Spring can't be far behind.

It is always HUGE and can take hours to walk around it.  The last time we went the theme was Paris.  You can see those pictures here. 

 I had taken so many pictures that I posted it in four parts.  This year I knew with my bad back and knees that I couldn't make it all the way around so there aren't that many shots. If you click on the picture, you can see it larger.  The theme this year was Holland.

This was the bridge that formed the entrance to the exhibits.  Notice the flowers along the top of it.  Since Holland is full of canals, it is also full of bridges and the exhibitors took full advantage of this.  There were lots of bridges shown.

This was in the side of the bridge at the entrance.  Yes, there was lots of water too.

And when you entered, there were flowers hanging from the ceiling.

There were lots of windmills too.  Of course.

These trees changed color -- red, blue, green and yellow.

 There were wildflowers...

And, of course, tulips.  All kinds of tulips.  I didn't realize there were so many varieties.

This was a cool exhibit.  It had a huge nest in it with pillows where you could sit.

It also had this kind of basket weaving which wound all over the place.

And ended up with another seating area.

This brick bridge had bicycles on it.  You know the Dutch love to bicycle everywhere.

A courtyard with another bicycle.

Isn't this a pretty tablescape?  I can see me sitting down there for a nice afternoon tea break.  Or even lunch.

This is our friend, Bill Schaeffer.  He did the flowers for our wedding.  He's so good and always wins awards for his work.

 Can you tell his exhibit gave homage to the bicycle?  I don't know how he balanced them like that.

Beautiful roses.

I loved this water feature.

Another exhibit which was strange, but beautiful.  These flowers are inside of a metal basket hanging in the air.

There was some art work made entirely out of flowers or grasses.  It reminded me of the Rose Bowl Parade.
 This "painting" had a carved bird in it.

And these were all bicycle gears.

I loved this pretty little walkway.
 This bridge was made out of bicycle parts.

A metal flower.

The waterfall was just beautiful.

 Another shot of the metal flower.

Such a peaceful little garden.  I think I could have spent a lot of time there.

I hope you enjoyed going along with me to the show.  Now I have to go out and work on my garden.  I think I've gotten some ideas from these pictures.

Have a great day everyone.



  1. Simply spectacular !
    All that promise of renewed hope, and color, and so many gorgeous displays.
    Thank you for sharing all this beauty.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading, Jo. It really is spectacular.

  2. Love, love, love...any and all Flowers Shows!
    This was pretty spectacular! All those colors and designs.
    Great job getting around and taking some incredible pictures!

  3. WOWOWOWOWOW!!! I can't imagine how beautiful it was in person. Your photos are amazing! I wonder about the fragrance? I get powerful headaches from fragrant flowers. Probably not a place I should ever go. :(

    1. Because the place is so large and the air handling system so good, the fragrance really isn't overpowering. Basically you only smell the flowers when you are right on top of them.

  4. Your photos are all amazing! I love tulips so much and these are incredible!

  5. What a fun photo tour of the flower show. Amazing isn't it? Yes.There's many types and colors of tulips. I'm happy to live near a tulip farm and visit each year. It was different this year with all the freezing temps we had brought them out later with some people not happy about only a small portion of field in bloom. I need to trsnsfer a couole plants into bigger pots soon in my garden area.

    1. I would love to live near a tulip farm. They are my favorite flower.

  6. Such beauty! I also appreciated the bicycle sculptures. I can see why your friend Bill wins awards!(I don't get how they balance either).Thank you for sharing.

  7. Wow, Kathy! What an amazing exhibit! Truly spectacular. Look at all the work that goes into those displays. Amazing. I would be just standing there gawking trying to take it all in. I am so glad you and Joe could go and enjoy it- xo Diana

  8. I have never been to the Philadelphia Flower Show and now at least I have been through seeing all your very colorful photos, Kathy. Thanks!


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