Thursday, April 27, 2017


I was so tired last night that I just went to bed and didn't update you on the third day of the conference.  It's been a tough week.

We got up a little later and had breakfast at the hotel.  They have a nice little breakfast room.  There was hot cereal, cold cereal, toast, waffles with syrup, yogurt, danish, fruit cups, tea and coffee.  Very nice.  Joe and I both had danish and he had yogurt while I took a fruit cup.

This is the view outside of our room.  It was so pretty.

We got ready and headed back to the conference.  You know with the conference whose them was "Semper Reformanda" we had to sing "A Mighty Fortress is Our God."  I love hearing the men sing.

The final speaker was Dr. Carl Cassels who has been a pastor for 60 years and is now retired.

Then there was more singing.

I finally got a chance to take some pictures to show you how pretty Pinebrook is.

This is the cabin we stayed in last year.

 This looks like a nice place to have lunch on a warm sunny day.

More cabins.

This is Fellowship Hall where all the meetings were held.

And the Dining Hall.

I love the lake.

Then the reports began.

Introduction of our church planters.  You can see some of them standing against the far wall.

I love this picture I took of Pastor and Joe.  They are so intent on what is going on.

 Joe had to leave early again.  He didn't miss too much though because they were finished early and by 2 p.m. when I turned on the livestream, they were finished.

We both took naps and then I told Joe we had to go out and get dinner.  I had so wanted to try the restaurant Ichiban so that is where we went.

It was so pretty inside.  The mural on the wall was under a light which changed color making it red, blue, green and yellow.

The service and food were both good.  It was fun going to a new restaurant together.  I had Oolong tea and Buddah's Delight with rice.  Joe had green tea and Yaki Soba.  It was surprisingly affordable too.

I would go back there if we go to Conference next year.  I'd get Joe's Yaki Soba too.  I tried some and it was delicious.

So then it was back to the hotel and getting to bed so that we could get up early to get on the road to home.  I'll tell you about that tomorrow.

APRIL @ 7 P.M.
Have I got a good shot today.  This was right outside of our hotel.  So pretty.  The picture does not do it justice.

Have a good night.



  1. Busy days even at Convention! Be safe going home!

  2. The photos of Pinebrook are so lovely. Just sitting by the lake for peace & quiet sounds wonderful. I also like the picture of Pastor & Joe.It seems even when you're away you are busy. Sounds like it was all good,especially the food. ha ha!

  3. I have heard of Pinebrook the entire time we lived in PA, but I have never been there. It looks like a lovely place.

  4. Glad you got to the restaurant you had on your wish list :-) the food looks so good!
    You had a few busy days....hopefully the rest of your week will be calm and restful.

  5. How good it is to get away and do something different, yet familiar. Hope that your spirits were refreshed even as you struggled a bit with not feeling great. Hope that your husband is feeling much better now. It certainly is a lovely place.

  6. I'm sure your heart is full and your head spinning with all the information. Conferences do that!
    Yes, the grounds are very lovely!
    Get some rest.

  7. That food looks delicious!! Glad you had such a good time at the conference. Such a pretty place!!

  8. Yummy food! I like Oolong tea as well. We ate at Panda Express yesterday for lunch, one of our favorites, once we got gas at Costco. Phil mentioned that Panda Express sometimes appears by Costco. Tee hee! Not always though. Thanks for sharing photos of the convention grounds and the men singing songs. A Mighty Fortress is a nice song, which is rarely sung here. Enjoy a new week coming up. It is getting a bit warmer here finally! Phil just mowed the lawn this afternoon, which was needed as there's been so much rain!


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