Thursday, April 20, 2017


It has been really nice weather.  Spring is definitely here.  And maybe a bit of Summer since it's been in the 80s a few days.  Wait until you see my temperature afghan this month.  There's some pink in it!  And not a bit of the 40 degree blues.

And with all the nice weather has come another very busy week.  Oh my you should see my planner.  Every day is chock full of stuff.  I'm having trouble finding time to breathe!  And forget about the yard and the house.  Although I have to get on that today.

Let me get you caught up on what's been going on.

Friday:  I finally finished decorating for Easter.  I don't know why but I really wasn't up to it this year.  I put almost nothing out.  Well, at least now it will be easier to undecorate.

I found this cute gold bunny at Family Dollar.  And I took a little mason jar to put some chocolate speckled eggs into.
 It's not Easter unless I put out at least one of the Easter eggs Joe has bought me.  The bunny on the left came from Rite Aid last year and the one on the right I found at One Dollarzone a few weeks ago.

We went to the Good Friday Service.  Several people got up to read scripture (me included) and we sang some hymns.  Pastor gave a meditation and then we left.   That brings us to...

Saturday:  In the morning I was at the Cardiologist's office to have an echo cardiogram and a scan of my carotid arteries.  It took a lot longer than I thought it would (about 45 minutes) but at least it's not painful.  Waiting for the results now.

Believe it or not it was back to church in the afternoon.  I had the bulletins for the Sunrise Service and the Morning Worship Service along with some brochures I had made up to give out to any visitors.  The church was beautifully decorated.

I didn't get much sleep that night because I was working on getting together a Sunday School lesson and making a French toast casserole for the next day.  I got about 2 1/2 to 3 hours sleep.  Not good.

Sunday:  It's Easter!  The day began with Sunrise Service.  What a lovely service sitting in the open worshiping God.  I was late getting there.  I dropped Joe off and then went to find parking.  I also had the French toast casserole with me for the breakfast we had afterwards so I had to take that into the church before I walked back to the lot we have.  But I was there for most of it and it was wonderful.

After the service we had breakfast at church.  I left Joe there and ran home to print out the Sunday School lesson in case any kids showed up and get my Bible and other things I had left at home.  Then I went back to church to have something to eat.

The morning worship service saw more people show up.  It was very nice.  And since it started a half hour earlier than usual, we got out earlier.  That was good because I was headed to my sister Elaine's house.  We had made reservations for a restaurant called The Black River Barn near her house which was having a fantastic Easter brunch.

Carole and Walt came with me for the dinner.  Joe wasn't feeling well and stayed home.  It was a nice drive.  Even though it was still 2 hours, it seemed really short because I had someone to talk to.  Usually Joe sleeps on the way up.

The restaurant was right near Elaine's house so we went there first and then she drove us over for dinner.

It was very crowded.  Very.  Fortunately we had reservations because we would never have gotten in otherwise.  They gave us a table by the outdoor deck.  It was nice because we could see the Black River out of the window.  It was beautiful.  Too bad it was raining.

It was a huge buffet with everything imaginable.  I had roasted chicken, barbecued spare ribs, herbed roasted potatoes, salad, cheese tortellini and penne pasta in marinara.  For dessert I had a mini apple turnover, a piece of lemon pound cake and two almond cookies.  I also had a tiny piece of salmon for dessert.  Elaine was raving about it and I had to try it.  I was sorry I was so full because I would have gone back and gotten a whole piece.  It was wonderful!

The rain had let up by the time we were finished eating, so I got a few pictures before we left.

 There are so many pretty mountains where Elaine lives.  You sure don't see those in Philly.

We went back to Elaine's house for a little bit before we left to go home.  I wanted to let the food settle.  And believe me by this time I was ready to go to sleep.  But I couldn't.  I had a 2 hour drive in front of me.

Elaine always decorates her house so nicely.  It has been years since I've seen her Easter decorations because she usually comes down here for Easter.  She couldn't this year because of her work obligations, so that is why we went up there.

This is one of the cutest things I have seen in awhile.  She had a whole shelf of stuffed bunnies on her hutch.  I gave her a cute little purple bunny this year so she can add it to the collection.

This is her dining room table.

I know this must be Lenox.  So pretty.

I absolutely loved the wreath on her front door!

We left around 5:30 p.m. so it was still light to drive home.  I hate doing that long drive in the dark.  It was a pleasant drive home also.  I'm sorry Joe didn't get to go, but I was so glad I did.  I really needed this and was happy to spend time with my sister.

The only problem the entire day was that every time I got any kind of speed on my car the front began to shake.  Hard.  I had just had the tires changed and the rear end aligned.  Carole and Walt said it felt as if the front tires weren't balanced.  So I knew I had to call the garage the next morning.

And with that I think I will end this post.  It's getting kind of long.  I'll continue with the rest of the week tomorrow.  I apologize for not getting to read your blogs this week.  Life happens.  I hope to get some reading done today.

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  1. Kathy, Busy , busy. I love all the decorations at your house, the church and Elaine's house. I always think lilies at Easter in church are so perfect. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Your church was indeed beautifully decorated! Life does happen.....I don't even seem to find the time to blog! Maybe today :)
    Take care, find some time to rest between the busy.

    1. Well, Doris, you see blogging is not an everyday thing with me anymore. I'm just so busy!

  3. What a busy Easter you had! I had to take Tuesday off to stay in bed and rest after ours! Sounds like you haven't missed a beat! Loved seeing all your photos!

    1. I wish I could have taken Tuesday off and stayed in bed. I think that's why I'm not doing too much today.

  4. It sounds like you have been busy, busy, busy...between church and Easter and taking care of Joe. I am so sorry Joe didn't get to go with you. I hope he is feeling better day by day. I know how hard life gets sometimes.
    God bless you, Kathy! Love ya- Diana

    1. Busy is an understatment. I am so very tired. I need a vacation.

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter!! Life does get in the way now and then! Hope your Joe is feeling better and that you can get some rest after all that!!

    1. Easter was wonderful. I had a great time.

  6. Hi Kathy, You cause me to be tired by just reading all the things that you do. Your home decorations are so cute. I have a few bunnies too. The decorations at church we so lovely. I love Easter lilies. Hope you get a good report back from your cardiologist. I will be praying for you. Blessings to you.


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