Saturday, August 27, 2016


Late Friday morning Joe came downstairs and said to me, "I'm taking you out for lunch."  Lunch?  Really?  Yes really.  We talked about a couple of places and ended up going to one of our favorite places East Coast Wings and Grill.

Joe ordered a burger and fries and I got my usual five chicken wings and fries.  The flavor of the month was Golden Barbecue and I ordered that.  It was a honey mustard barbecue glaze and was to die for.  So good.  It was so good that I ate the whole thing and then said, "Oh, I never took a picture of it!"  Oh well.  

After we were finished we headed over to Target so Joe could get his topical punch mix that he likes so much.  I looked around the $1-$5 section while I waited for him to come back.  My back and legs are really hurting today and I didn't want to walk across the entire store to the food section.  I saw so many cute things there.

There was a lady who was putting out all the fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving merchandise.  I was trying to take pictures without looking obvious because she was sort of following me around.  Or I was following her around.  I kept running into her all the time anyway.

I love the little chalkboards.  And these ceramic animals are just adorable. 

I saw these witches socks and thought they were cute.  I tried to say I liked them really low because there were all these employees around and I didn't want them to think I was talking to myself.  I don't know if you can hear me at all.

They had these sparkly black trees and Halloween ornaments to put on them.  I liked them and wanted to get them, but I didn't.  I'm thinking about going back and getting them.  Thinking.

They had the Thanksgiving stuff out too.  I liked these little square plates, but I don't know what I would do with them.  There were three designs of pie plates -- the two you see and another blue and brown plaid.  There were several things that were blue and brown plaid.  It must be the color for the season.  On the shelf under these plates were pretty placemats.  They were light tan and had "Give Thanks" in gold.

I did get a few things though.  The big orange pumpkin is a chalkboard.  I can put it up in September and keep it up through November.  There are some more fancy folders.  And the two pumpkins look like marble, but they are made out of some composite material that is very light weight.  Again I can use them for the whole fall season.

 I'm excited to get my house clean and decorated for the fall.  Now if I can just get the energy to do it.



  1. Those little ceramic animals are adorable! I'm gonna have to go browse through Target.

    1. When I went today they were almost all gone! Some things were entirely gone. I'm sure they will be restocking, but I was surprised.

  2. There is some really cute stuff. Like the white 'marble' pumpkin.Havihng a date makes the whole day just a bit more special.Sounds like you enjoyed it.Hope your back & legs feel better.

    1. The pumpkins are just too cute and Joe insisted that I get them. I did have a good time on the date.

  3. I love dates with my husband too! Yesterday we drove over to Indiana to an Amish store. We rolled the windows down of our car and let our hair blow like we were teenagers. It was so much fun! :) We bought peaches and rhubarb pie. Glad that you had a great date and shopping trip too.

    1. Thanks, Cherdecor. I'm not much on rhubarb but I love a good peach. Sounds like you had fun on your date.


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