Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Hello everyone!  Welcome to WEDNESDAY.  Yes, Wednesday!  I started to write this post and said, Well, guess I'll show my Friday Photo.  Then I stopped and said, "Wait a minute.  It's not Friday!"  Ha, ha, ha.  I'm losing my mind a little bit today.

I taught Bible study yesterday.  We began the book of Ephesians.  It was a really good discussion and I was so happy with it.  I think we are all going to learn a lot in the next few weeks, me included.  I find I always learn so much when I teach because I study so hard before that.

I have been promoting our church quite a bit on facebook and it paid off.  We had a lady come to the study who was checking us out because she saw my ad.  She really liked it and said she will be back next week.  Hopefully some more people will also be interested in our services.

Finally the sun is out today and it's so beautiful.  Still a little chilly, but not cold.  It has rained for the last three days so the sun is a welcome change.

I am hoping to get out in the yard this afternoon and get some pictures for you.  The daffodils are up and so pretty.  The lilac bush my sister gave me made it through the winter and has buds.  I'm so happy!  The tulips and hyacinths are pushing up.  I need to get out there and trim things back and clean things up from the winter.

But here it is 10:30.  I fell asleep on the sofa around 8:00 last night and didn't wake up until around 8:00 this morning.  I am so tired.  Doing too much I guess.  I think things will calm down at church after Easter.  For now, though, it's something going almost every day.  This morning we went over to put the trash out on the curb and clean up the stairwell where it's kept.  What a job.  But this was the worst of it and it won't be so hard next week.  It's all because Jim who usually does it hasn't been able to.  His wife is my friend Carol N. who fell and broke her ankle in three places.  He has been taking care of her, which is only right.  So until things are back to normal Joe and I have been trying to pick up the slack.

So I am going to get off of here and try to get something done around the house.  Hope you all have a great day!



  1. Kathy, You are's Saturday...remember you have 6 Saturdays and one Sunday now. LOL.... I loved your pictures. Blessings to you and Joe, xoxo,Susie
    p.s. it's warm here ...windy as Chicago and snow forecasted for the weekend..

  2. I think retirement is working for you even if you thought it was Friday.

  3. Heh and to think I thought it was Tuesday today and just when I found out it wasn't, it was too late to make my doctor's appointment today. Enjoy your post here very much.

  4. Only mid week not end of week. Tee hee! I lose track of days when gone away for a few days from home. It's been raining and cold in Oregon. Sun was out late afternoon and it looked so pretty. No rain for a few days! Yippee!

  5. I absolutely love the photo of the swing! I could just curl up & savor the breeze & birdsong...there even a cup of tea! (sigh...) I agree the Bible study was a time of insight into Ephesians for me. looking forward to learning more.
    Enjoy your day! woof


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