Monday, March 14, 2016


Do you live to eat or eat to live?  Is your meal an experience?  Read what my friend Marianne has to say about it.

May 18
On the way home from food shopping, Pop treated me to my iced mocha coffee. Although I would rather do the shopping alone, I know it's important for him to get out and socialize as much as possible, and he does that in the "café" area of ShopRite where all the other geezers sit and have a cup of coffee. He even talks with the various managers who know him by name! I always tell him that if he misbehaves, I will cut him off from ShopRite! LOL

After we got our drinks at DD, Pop said, "Mare, I really like it when you're home! Everything is so much fun! Always an adventure, always something to do!" I told him not to get used to this because I intend to go back to work ASAP!!! LOL

Pop said at lunchtime, "How is it your sandwiches always taste so much better than mine?" I told him I don't view eating as ingesting material for sustenance. I view food preparation and eating as a very sensual experience involving all the senses and one should not just "Eat" and get through a meal to move on to the next activity. One should always savor and delight. This is one reason I love Italy so much. The afternoon meal is 3 hours long! Most of the businesses close. You are expected to sit down to a wonderful meal, share, talk, enjoy. If time permits, you take a rest or nap. Return to work at 3:00. Evening meal is later followed by a passagiata and espresso, a drink. This is how WE should do it! A lot less stress over there, even with all the caffeine! It's no wonder I always return from Italy looking fantastic! The bloom is gone after 3 days home! LOL


  1. Yes! I vote for the leisurely, the contemplative, the enjoyment. It's almost "passegiata" time of the year, as dark-at-5:30 with treacherous ice and snow outside are not conducive to a stroll. But a wee walk around a few blocks, between dinner and dessert-on-a-tray---now THAT'S a way to continue an evening.

    Haven't you SO envied those big Italian families in the movies---sitting under an arbor all shoulder to shoulder, a long mis-matched gaggle of chairs around a table filled with wine bottles and someone always making room for all those fabulous platters and bowls of food, course after course---I could do that.

    I DO think every time, that those Grandmas in the long-sleeved black Sunday dresses, working over those steaming pots of pasta and sauces, bringing out that feast as a matter of course, might not feel quite so festive as all the others sitting for the "leisurely" meal. Being lauded as a Great Cook goes just so far in a hot kitchen, week after week. Just sayin.


  2. I agree with Marianne. We Americans are losing the art of conversation. Any meal should be a time of reaching out to each other to 'catch up' on what's happening. As for being a 'great cook"? My husband works hard (warehouse) to put food on our table. Heat or not,I take pleasure in putting a hot meal on the table for him. Knowing I'm providing fuel to do his job.Guess I'm a earth mother! Have a beautiful day! woof

  3. I agree too. My husband and I make all of our dinner meals special and take our time eating and enjoying them. It's part of having a good life and being grateful. Sweet hugs, Diane


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