Tuesday, March 8, 2016


What a lovely day it has been.  We finally broke the 70* mark and got up to 73* today (23*C).  The sun was out and it was just wonderful.  

We had our first session of the Tuesday Ladies Bible Study today.  I chose to study the book of Ephesians this semester.  Before beginning to study the book I decided it was good to give a background of the city of Ephesus and a look at Paul's stay in that city from the book of Acts.  I was afraid that it would be dry and boring because I had a lot of historical facts, but it turned out that everyone was interactive and commenting and it was really good!  So we are off to a good start.

After the study Debbie and I dropped off some things at the Salvation Army.  

Debbie had two bags and I had only one.  But anything out of this house is a good thing.  I've already found some more clothes to donate.  We are planning to go there the first Tuesday of each month and then go out to eat.  When you have a small house as we each do you just can't have extra stuff laying around.

After that we went to Chick-Fil-A for lunch.  We both had grilled chicken nuggets, waffle fries and iced tea.  I am so glad I discovered the grilled chicken.  I just love it!

After that we headed over to Walmart.  Joe and I went to Walmart last night to get a few things and return two shirts that he bought online.  When he actually got the shirts in the mail, they were not what he thought he ordered.  So they gave him a credit.  While we were there I picked up a pair of canvas shoes.  When I got home I tried them on.  Well, I tried to try them on.  I couldn't get my foot in them.  So back they went and Joe got another credit.

I ended up getting some groceries.  I found some beautiful strawberries that I am going to have for dessert tonight.  If there are fresh strawberries, that means that spring is almost here.  I love it when I can stop eating heavy winter food and get into the fresh spring produce.  In fact I am having a spring dinner to celebrate our warm weather today:  Salmon, rice, asparagus and strawberries.

And that's what I am going to do now.  I am getting off of this computer, finishing dinner, and eating this wonderful meal.

Hopefully I will have some pictures for you soon.  I just have not been taking any lately.  Too busy with life I guess.

Until later...



  1. Yesterday was so much fun! The Ephesians intro was interesting. Looking forward to next week.The grilled chicken is fabulous! Will order it again. The trip to Walmart turned up a surprise for me. I went for a simple 9 inch wall clock for my kitchen (which I got) but there was another clock that included the temperature & humidity! How neat! I'm trying it out to see how it works. A totally fun day with a good friend. woof

  2. Kathy, Glad you had some of those nice temperatures. I am so hoping spring is coming early...as it seems to be here. Trying things on in the stores is a big old bother...But there are certain things I do try on...rather than take back. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  3. We seem to be about twenty degrees above the normal for this time of the year, but I'll take it :)
    I can't buy many clothes or shoes online, I have to try them on and have a little feel-right fit...lol
    Thank you for your encouraging and kind words, I'm making progress slowly, but I'm determined to return home before Easter.


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