Tuesday, March 22, 2016



To this day, this illustration is the most popular with couples ready to profess their love.  The young couple was actually engaged at the time of the posing and were married soon after.  The clerk was a local business owner who had recently lost his wife.  Rockwell asked him to pose for this illustration as a way to give him something else to think about.  The scene masterfully captures the contrast between the young couple just beginning life together and the aging clerk who has seen it all.


  1. How precious! My husband says that despite the growing closness of the years together,you can never recapture the "first new love" feeling at the beginning. Maybe....but what we have now (going on 29 yrs!) is more of a heart closeness.Deeper,consistent,just one of God's many blessings to me.Have a sunny day! woof

  2. AWWW---sweet as anything! And they could usually go right down the street to a Preacher's house and get married that same day---Chris' parents did that. They were visiting together out in her yard when he was home on leave from the Navy, and sat out in the swing planning the home they'd like to have. She went in the house and got a tablet and pencil and drew out the rooms, and where what would go, and they decided to just GET MARRIED.

    They went to her parents and told them about it, and then to the doctor who had delivered her, to get their blood tests, and since the courthouse was closed on Wednesday afternoons, they went to the clerk's house and somehow got the license.

    All before running home to freshen up and for her to put on the pretty pink dress she'd just got out of layaway for Easter, and back to the meeting house where Prayer Meeting was starting at six o'clock. WHEW!!!

    Can you imagine??? In the space of about six hours, they decided, arranged, and got hitched. And I'm sure glad they did.

    Hope your Spring is springing over there---we're a little bit cool, but bright and beautiful, and it smells like SPRING!


  3. Rockwell, one of my top artists! So emotional and what a story teller with his pictures.
    Rachel's story is so sweet. Those were the days.

  4. Kathy, I love all of Norman Rockwell's art. That old pot-bellied stove...gee-zoo we had one of those when I was a about 4. I think we were always the last family in town to get any modern. LOL. Blessings for a fun day. Hope you are enjoying some sunshine. xoxo,Susie

  5. Thanks for the background info on this Rockwell art, Kathy. We visited the Rockwell museum in Stockbridge, MA. And we also were in the former town hall, now a storefront, that is shown here.


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