Friday, November 13, 2015


Today the movie was "One Christmas Eve".  Have you ever seen it?  Oh my goodness.  Part of it I was laughing.  Part of it I was crying.  Part of it I wanted to jump through the screen and choke them.  I didn't think I would like it, but I did.  This was a great comedy and I think I will watch it again before Christmas.

Last night the cats got into it.  Fur was flying.  Literally.  Each had the other by the throat at one point.  He was snarling and snapping and every time she tried to walk through the house he would jump on her and attack her.  I finally had to take Pumpkin and put him in his carrier to get him away from Snowy.  After about a half hour he calmed down and I let him out and he was fine playing with his toys.  We can't have that going on.  I think I will have to find another home for him.  I worry about what happens when I am at work because Joe sleeps so soundly he never hears anything.

I was the librarian today.  Boss had off because he is working tomorrow.  No librarian or LA3 was available to come over so they asked me to do it.  I don't mind at all and it's more money in the pay check.  It's always quieter than usual on Fridays so I didn't have any problems.  I wouldn't want to be librarian on a busy day, though.

We were going to go to Lancaster tomorrow but with my sore foot I'm just not up to it.  So I am going to try to get a lot done around the house.  I need to get things cleaned up.  And I want to bake a cake for church on Sunday.  I saw a recipe from Deb at Just cats that sounds wonderful.  Stop on over and give her a visit.  She has a great blog and a wonderful cat named Audrey.

I got a call around 4 p.m. today from Joe.  He had gone out and forgotten to take his keys and was locked out of the house.  I had to leave work and go home to rescue him.  When I got there I found he had also forgotten his jacket and was freezing.  He got in the car and went back to work with me for half an hour.  So Joe got to meet all the new hires that I was working with today.  Not one of them had met him before so he enjoyed that.

I called the podiatrist today, but wasn't able to get through to him.  I will try again on Monday.  Although the x-ray showed my foot was not broken, it did show various bone spurs which are making the walking so painful.  That plus the sprain made my primary doctor tell me to see a specialist.  After that it's the cardiologist and gastroenterologist.  Then the oncologist and dermatologist.  And if my thyroid doesn't get better I will be seeing an endocrinologist.  Between Joe's doctors and mine that is all we will be doing during my retirement years. 

Joe is speaking again on Sunday.  This will be his last time that we know of.  He might be asked to speak again, but as far as we know someone else has the rest of the year.

My tea is finished and my eyes are starting to close so I am going to bed.  Have a good night, everyone.

23 days till retirement


  1. I love your movie a day idea. I'm going to incorporate that but probably after the holidays. Right now I'd just never fit it in. That movie sounds like a good one though. Might have to check it out.

    Sorry your in so much pain. I hope they can do something for your foot soon!

    Have a good weekend friend- lots of stuff happening around here as always!

  2. I've not watched abt Christmas movies yet. Think I will start of with a Scrooge. My daughter was checking in books today. One didn't look right as there weren't any bar codes. Come to find out it's a book from a library in Ontario, Canada!! Still had the pocket for card you check it out with. Will see what happens!!
    Would soaking your foot in Epsom salts help relieve your pain? Praying there will be happy times in your retirement besides doctor appts. Hugs and a good weekend to you!! 😀🌻

  3. The movie sounds good. I'll try to look for it. Poor Joe! I've locked myself out. Not a good feeling.At least good came of it,meeting everyone. Sorry about your foot. Hopefully appointments are not the only thing in your retirement future.What a shame about Pumpkin! I know it's upsetting but Snowy shouldn't be put through that. Perhaps someone who has no cat?Praying for the best!

  4. Kathy, Poor Joe and that bad cats. LOL. I wonder what got into those cats. Hope you can get some relief with your foot....this may be an on going thing, if it doesn't get fixed. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
    ps. I have gone to many drs. about my feet. I think it's just Arthritis.

  5. That's scary that the cats got into it!!
    I was visiting with a couple of friends yesterday and we were saying how much TIME we spend at doctor appointments and tests and routine medical stuff! There's not TIME to work and keep up with all our health care needs!!
    Hope your ankle gets better VERY soon!!!

  6. I have not seen that movie..but I will look for it now.
    Give the cats a bit of time. Your "old cat" just needs to establish dominance..and as soon as the little one gets over being feisty and "bows down" things will smooth over. It is awful to watch it happen though.

    So sorry that you and Joe are both going through so many health issues. That is not a good thing at all! My father always said that if you don't have your health you don't have anything. He had Parkinson's so knew what life was like when dealing with health issues.

    Blessings to you and Joe. Hope you have had a good weekend. xo Diana


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