Sunday, September 20, 2015


I had forgotten all about this series until I was going through my computer files and saw it.  I started it and never finished, so here's another installment.

Kevin says:

During my few years as preaching minister, I had some real winning comments hurled at me, too. One widow was particularly rich with advice. One day she came into my office, threw two pairs of khakis at me, and exclaimed “Here! Wrinkle-free pants!” (For Sunday evenings of course.) This was followed by wardrobe tips on how to look more presentable preaching.

Nothing like a widow giving you some pants.
  • Just within the past week a parishioner told my husband, “That his hemorrhoids bothered him too much while he was sitting on the pews so he couldn’t come to church that often.”
    • Tell him to sit on one of those donuts in the foyer!

  • I call that Deadman’s haberdashery.
  • Rick says: 
    • “Dickies” Khaki pants stay wrinkle free! I’ve been wearing the same pairs of Dickies for almost twenty years!

      Aaron says:
      • If you’ve had them on for 20 years, perhaps that’s why they’re wrinkle free!!!
  • If wrinkled khakis are the problem, you should start preaching in jeans or athletic shorts…no wrinkles there!


  1. Kathy, That is so funny. I like when a preacher is too stern. Blessings for a great Sunday. xoxo,Susie

  2. Well now Kathy you know I meant to say NOT too stern. LOL xo, susie

  3. Those were hilarious! Thanks for the smile today.

  4. It is refreshing when a pastor can be 'human',a sense of humor & laugh at his own errors.Thank you for the humor!


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