Sunday, August 2, 2015


I meant to leave early to go to the fair but if you know me (as many of you do) you know I kept getting sidetracked.  I ended up leaving around 11:00 and got up to northern New Jersey in the afternoon.  It's about a 2 hour drive.  It was a good ride.  I had a book on CD in the car and it really made the drive seem faster.

After hanging out for awhile at Elaine's house, we decided to go to the fair.  

You know I had to take my annual approaching the fair photo.

We were both hungry so we went to Main Street to find something to eat.  After walking the whole length we decided on one booth.  I got chicken on a stick and Elaine got a corn dog.  We had brought our own bottles of water which saved us quite a bit of money.  Three dollars for a bottle of water?  I don't think so!


Then we walked around for awhile. We were sort of disappointed that it didn't seem to be as good as in previous years.  I said that last year too.  Maybe it's time to give it a break for awhile.  We went to the Commercial Tent first.  There were nice things, but the people were so pushy.  They were going out of their booths into the aisles trying to force their product on you.  No, no, no!  Get us out of there.  There was one necklace I was interested in.  That guy was nice.  But the people around him were so pushy that I didn't even want to go back to get it.  And I didn't.

Then we went to the Craft Tent.  This is always one of my favorites.

Again, there were nice things there, but nothing really jumped out at me and grabbed me.  The only thing I bought the whole day was in this tent.  There is a lady who makes those half towels with material on the top to hang it on your kitchen drawer.  I buy from her each year.  She's an older lady and reminds me of my mom and how she would do craft shows.  She's so nice and friendly.  I like to support her.  So I bought two new towels, one with watermelons for now and one with an autumn print for next month.

We went to the building that has the juried arts and crafts.  There was this beautiful bench made out of a log.  It was really gorgeous.

And handmade wooden clocks that really worked.

As usual the quilts were gorgeous.  Since my mom used to make quilts I know how much work goes into them.

It was Goat Day so we stopped to see the goat.  There were people at a table next to the goat who were spinning and weaving goat yarn.

We stopped and talked with the Gideons and I got a pocket sized New Testament.  Then we headed to the landscaping section.

There were bouquets in the conservatory.  This one was for a wedding reception.

The theme this year was "Horse Farm".  The winning flower arrangements were based on this, though there were other ones there also.

We went outside to see the landscaping.  There wasn't much there though.
The beautiful gazebo.  Wish I had this in my yard.

I asked Elaine to stand next to this plant so you could see just how large the leaves are.  Don't know what it is, but it's lovely!

The hibiscus was beautiful.

As I was taking this close up a lady was standing next to me doing the same thing.  She laughed and said we had the same idea.  She says she takes close up pictures each year and then goes home and paints them on canvas.
Here's a short video of the lily pond.

I loved the water lilies and water cabbage.

It's hard to see but there are water lilies behind the Black-eyed Susans.
My favorite garden is always the Asian one.

I think these pictures turned out pretty good considering most of them were taken blindly since I couldn't see the camera screen because of the sun.  I love the water fall in the Asian garden.

As we were leaving the SPCA Police showed up.  They were taking pictures of the police and their dogs in the garden.  It looked like some sort of graduating class.

After about two hours I was beat and my sore leg was really hurting.  So even though there was lots more to see, we called it a day.  A GOOD day!

It was really hot and I enjoyed the air conditioning in Elaine's car on the way home.  I took some photos of the scenery on the way home.  She lives in such a beautiful part of New Jersey.

A roadside fruit/vegetable stand.

Elaine made a dinner of freshly (and I do mean freshly... she picked them as I watched) picked beans and mini Beef Wellington.

We talked for awhile after dinner and then I left around 8 p.m.  I don't see well to drive at night so took my time and got home around 10:30 p.m.  Yes, it's that long of a drive.  But I didn't mind because I had such a good day with my sister.  We really have to hang out more.

Now it's back to real life.  Church today.  Work tomorrow.  *sigh*  It's been a wonderful week!



  1. Nice pics! I really must go to The New Jersey State Fair one day. It looks like a lot of fun.

    1. You really should, Larry. And I know you would stay a lot longer than 2 hours.

  2. Kathy, I have such problems leaving comments here. Always tells me page has to reload. Do not know what that is about. Very annoying though. I am glad you added the 8th day to your sisters' week. You and Elaine always do such fun things. And what a nice dinner. Mini beef Wellingtons sound so good. Hope you have an easy week back at work.

    1. Don't know what the problem is with the computer stuff. I don't know a lot about computers so I would be stumped too. The beef Wellington was wonderful!

  3. Your lunch looked delicious and glad you had a good time at the fair. I've not been the state fair for awhile. Always like to go on days when vets are free but now they have it on a day I work so that's out. I wind up going to the flock and fiber festival in Sept. every year and that's my fair. See animals and some fun vendors and usually my son and family are there as well. I only work 2 days this week!!!!

    1. The vets are always free at the NJ fair. Glad you have an alternative to attend.

  4. The wedding bouquet is gorgeous! All the flowers are pretty.I love listening to waterfalls & the gurgle
    of ponds....The food looks delicious. You always manage to catch the right photos!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Debbie. You are too kind.


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