Saturday, August 8, 2015


Yes I am always happy for my days off from work when I can be ME.  I slept in a little bit today and woke up feeling pretty good.  I had a large list of things to do, but didn't get much done.  But I'll show you what I did do today.

I am still feeding the strays that are living in the yard behind me.  It's Momma, Baby and Shy.  I call them that because it is a momma cat and her two babies.  One is very skittish and runs.  The other kitten climbs up the steps to my back door and cries for me to feed him/her.  The momma now sits in the yard and hisses at me but doesn't run.  I don't try to pet them or pick them up.  I just talk to them while I put out the food and then leave.  I am hoping they get used to me enough that I can find them homes or shelter before the cold weather comes.  Here's the babies eating this morning.

After I had breakfast I went to the pharmacy for Joe and then headed for the farm.  I want to eat more veggies and fruit and I know I'll do it if I have fresh from the farm.  And everything is so good this time of year.


I went late and didn't expect so much good stuff to still be there.  Here's what I got today.

I got a sugar cube melon.  I don't know what it is, but it sure smells good.  Joe and I are adventurous in our veggie eating.  I also got three varicolored bell peppers which I will cut up and freeze for use in recipes later.  I got three Yukon gold potatoes, two ears of corn, two Jersey tomatoes and a baguette.

I even got a nap in this afternoon.  It felt so good to just be able to sleep when I got overly tired.  At work I just have to push on through.

For dinner tonight I made baked salmon, roasted Brussels sprouts, sliced tomatoes and a couple of slices of the baguette.  It was wonderful.  Joe made the iced tea and even did the dishes after dinner.  What a guy!  I think I'll keep him.

Now I have a load of laundry in which I will hang on the line before I go to bed.   Sunday morning comes quickly.  Church just isn't the same without Pastor Justin, but we are continuing on because the church is about Christ, not the pastor.

Oh, by the way, I tried to answer everyone's comments from my last post.  I hope you will go back and read them.

Good night, everyone.  See you all tomorrow.



  1. What a haul from the farm! Looks so delicious...I am a strong advocate for naps. Whether it's only for 15 minutes. or just resting with your feet up The down times truly renews one's body & spirit.
    Like the kitties. It is so kind to take care of them. Hopefully all will be well before winter...
    Enjoy a beautiful day!

  2. Kathy, Good choices at the market. I love melons of all kinds. Hope you enjoyed yours. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. I'm with you...more vegetables and fruits, especially when they look as good as yours!


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