Sunday, July 26, 2015


It was a very sad day today.  It was Pastor Justin's last day as our pastor.  There wasn't a dry eye in the church.  Even Pastor Justin was crying.  It is all because we don't have enough money to pay a pastor.  We can't pay his salary or his housing or his insurance.  It is a sad state of affairs.  We have tried so long to make things work out.  He and his family do not want to leave and we do not want them to leave, but with a little one and a new baby coming they do not have a choice.  He is a wonderful pastor and I know God will use him in a mighty way in the future.

Joe A. had special music this morning.  He is so good.

I took several videos of the praise band.  Because I was standing and hand holding the camera it came out rather jerky though.

After the service there was a farewell luncheon.  I made green beans and tomatoes.  All the food looked wonderful but I couldn't stay because I had to leave to go to my sister Elaine's birthday dinner.

When I went to leave I said goodbye to Miss A and said, "Can you wave to me?"  Instead she smacked my hand giving me a high five!  Cherie (her mom) said to me, "She learned that from her father."  Way to go, Pastor Justin!

I rushed home and got ready to go to Peddler's Village and the Cock and Bull Restaurant.  I had never been there before.  My friend and next-door neighbor, Chrissy, drove because she had air conditioning in her car.  It took us about 45 minutes to get there.  Marion and Rich were already there.  We were there a few minutes when Larry and Kim showed up.  Elaine was the last to arrive.  We were seated at a corner table with windows all around us.  It was really nice.

It was decorated very nicely too.
This statue of a bird was on the wall across from our table.

These plates were so pretty.  And the lowered walls all had nice lamps on them.

I especially liked the top of this wall with the rooster.  I guess this was the "cock" of Cock and Bull.

The chandeliers were wonderful.

And here's the "bull" of Cock and Bull.  Ha, ha.

 Joe was not up to going.  I missed him being there.  But we still had seven people.
My sister-in-law Kim and brother Larry

Friends Rich and Marion

Elaine (the birthday girl) and Chrissy
 And me, of course.

The food was expensive but well worth the money.  We all got something different.  I went for the Vegetarian Pot Pye.  It was so good.  The fruit cup was all fresh and so sweet.

For dessert I had a chocolate peanut butter pie.  Yum!!!

We had quite a time dividing up the bill.  It took a long time with everyone trying to figure out their part.  In the beginning we handed all the bills to Larry.  Here was his reaction.

But then we told him what the bill was and that he would have to pay it.  Ha, ha!  He's such a character.

After we ate we walked around the beautiful grounds and took some pictures.

Marion, Elaine, Larry (standing), Rich, Kim, Me (sitting)

Here's a bird house on the roof of the gazebo.

 As we were heading back to the car, Chrissy and I stopped at the koi pond.  It was so beautiful.  I loved the little waterfall.

Chrissy liked the white one and kept asking me to take a picture of it.  There was red on its lips which made it look as if it were wearing lipstick.  I like the way the fins are spread out.  I think it looks like angel wings.

So then we headed home.  More Sisters Week is coming tomorrow.

Now for the July photo challenge.  The prompt today was "9 o'clock".  What better thing to show you than the apple clock I have on my apple decorated kitchen wall.

Have a good night, everyone, and I'll be back tomorrow.



  1. Looks and sounds like a wonderful day - except for the part where Joe didn't feel like coming with you!
    And, of course, the sad part about your pastor. Other than THAT - a perfect day! Loved the pics of you and your family!

  2. Love Miss A! so precious. Wish the Pastor well. What a good time at the Cock & Bull! Everyone looks like they enjoyed themselves,except maybe Larry ha ha! I agree that the white fish looks like it has wings. Great photo! Thanks for sharing.Enjoy!!

  3. I loved seeing you and Elaine in your photos. It looks like you had quite a full day yesterday. I have an apple clock in the kitchen.

  4. What a super nice place to begin your Sisters Week. I am so sorry your Pastor and family have left. I know you were all almost like family. I pray God sends him to a special place where he can preach the Word. The food sounds good, the gardens were so pretty. Cant wait til your next event. Maybe Joe will feel like going on that one.

  5. I am so sad to hear about Pastor Justin leaving! That is terrible! I know he and his family will be so missed. What a shame. On a happier note, I adore PV and the Cock and Bull Restaurant. I have eaten there many times. I love going to the Apple Festival in early November at PV. Crowded but fun. Sorry to hear that Joe is not feeling well. I always enjoy your posts about sisters' week. Very lovely tradition.


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