Saturday, December 13, 2014


It's been a really busy, but nice, day today.  I got a burst of energy and got so much cleaning done.  I was concentrating on the living room and it actually looks like a different room now.  I'm so happy.  I put out some more of my decorations.  I figure it's late, but there is still over a week to go.

My Cherished Teddies joined my reindeer on the shelf.

At first I had my other Cherished Teddies on the windowsill.

But then I decided to put them on the table with the lamp.

The sofa is all decked out with my snowflake pillow, Christmas afghan and polar bear.

The bears are keeping each other company.

And here's Raggedy Ann.  What would Christmas be without her?
 There's so much more to do but I'm getting there.  I hope I will be able to show you more decorations all week as I go along.



  1. Kathy, I always feel better after cleaning my house. That is one thing about decorating...we clean before and after. Your bear figurines are adorable. Blessings for a peaceful Sunday. xoxo,Susie

  2. Everything looks so pretty and so 'Christmasy'! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely! I have some Cherished Teddies but may not keep them much longer. I need to pull out my nativity set today. Get our tree up. Phil put the net lights up on the rhody bush yesterday. I enjoy the light of the season! Hugs!

    1. I love the lights too. They are my favorite part of the season.

  4. Yes, it's beginning to look like Christmas,
    I like your Raggedy Ann doll. Your home is a child's dream, with all the bears and doll!

  5. Love the bears! It all looks so festive. I also like the lights of the season,especially the understated.I think it's interesting how sometimes so little can look so pretty! With many people avoiding the phrase,I say it as often as I can:
    Merry Christmas! He's the reason for the season!


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