Sunday, October 26, 2014


What a beautiful day today!  Lots of sun and it even got up to 70 degrees!  Lovely.

I slept in today and only woke up when the next-door neighbor called to see if I could return his DVDs to the library on Monday.  I couldn't really blame him for calling too early because by then it was 10:30.  I never sleep that late.  But I'm so glad I did today.  I needed it.

While we were eating breakfast we heard all this noise.  I had heard machinery going earlier in the week, but thought it was just the gas works or water department working in the street.  A lot of the streets are all dug up around here.  Instead when Joe looked out the window he told me there was a backhoe in the empty lot in back of us.  They are building a new house!  Today they were digging out for the basement and foundation.

It will be interesting to see the house go up.  But it will be strange to not be able to see the houses across the street.  I have lived here for almost 35 years and have always been able to see across the street.

Joe and I went to the farm today.  I didn't think we were going to make it because it was so late and it closes at 2 p.m.  But we did.  Of course the produce was all picked over, but we still got some nice stuff.

Amish Muenster cheese, slicing tomatoes, potatoes, leeks and corn.  We took the last two ears of corn they had.  They were 50 cents each.  I had them for dinner tonight and they were so sweet and good.  Just like sugar.  Oh wow!

I took a couple pictures of the pumpkins at the farm too.

Have you ever seen so many different kinds of pumpkins?  It was wonderful.

Then we did our biweekly shopping at Shop Rite, went to Home Depot and Dollar Tree.  I was really hurting by the end of this and sat in the car in the parking lot while Joe ran into the last two places.  This darn arthritis in my foot!  But it could always be worse.

Of course with getting up late and running all these errands what I wanted to get done today didn't get done.  I hate when my cleaning gets pushed back, but there's only so many hours in a day.

For today's challenge I saw lots of shadows, but none of them were interesting.  Finally tonight as the sun was setting I realized I had to get something.  So here's what I decided on.

I started by getting the shadow on this house.

You can see one of the tanks in the chemical plant where Joe used to work behind the house.  Yes, I live that close.

But that shadow still didn't seem like enough.  So I realized that silhouettes are also a type of shadow so I decided on this.

You can just see the steeple of the United Church of Christ over one of the houses.

I seem to have a theme going this week.  I'm in love with dusk.

I'm linking up with Kaitlin at Homemaker Design for this October photo challenge.

Saturday's weather:
High:  70 degrees (4 degrees above average)
Low:    42 degrees (1 degree above average)
Sunrise:  7:22 a.m.
Sunset:  6:07 p.m.
10 hours and 45 minutes of daylight  


  1. Those pumpkins certainly are different. All shapes,sizes....never knew. I like the 'dusk' photos.Maybe in the course of taking photos,try for one of Snowy & her shadow.Kinda the black & white concept.While cats do pose, they rarely hold still for the photo we want.Ha ha. That's a cat for you!
    Today is supposed to be nice too tho a tad breezy. Enjoy!

  2. You found some wonderful shadow pictures, Kathy. I love all those different pumpkins, too. What fun. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday! xo Diana

  3. Kathy, I liked all your pictures. Hope you get to feeling better. I have arthritis in my ankles and it effects my feet too. Some days and good and some days I have pain. Blessings, xoxo,Susie


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