Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It was tough getting up today.  I kept falling back to sleep.  As a result I was 1/2 hour late getting to work. *sigh*  It was another busy day.  Is there a day that isn't busy?  I'm working on a special project for my boss and it is coming along so well.  He even complimented me on it today.  That's great!  His compliments are few and far between.

It has been raining quite a bit here today.  We need it though so I can't complain.  It's chilly too.  I guess autumn is really here and summer is gone until next year.

I love the summer and so that brings me to today's photo challenge:  a favorite place.  My favorite place is Ocean City, New Jersey.  I love being on the beach.  I love watching the ocean.  I love the whole shore mentality.  I am hoping that some day I can live down the shore.  That would be a dream come true.  So here are some pictures of my favorite place.


 And here's a little video for you to enjoy.

I'm linking up with Kaitlin at Homemaker Design for this October photo challenge.



  1. Really nice photos! That does look like a lovely place! I'm not a big beach or water person but I do like to visit it!!!

    Glad your boss is happy with the work you are doing for him - its nice to be appreciated and to hear about it!

  2. I am thrilled you got an 'atta girl'! It lifts the spirit when we are acknowledged. Maybe we all should do it more often....
    I love the photo with the seagull. I like the beach but doubt I could live there. I'm more of a creek,spring
    kinda person. A little water a short walk away with my dogs....nothing that'll flood! I can't swim.One good thing about the chilly weather...great for snuggling in the covers! No wonder you don't want to get up....
    Hope you get some rest.

  3. I'm with you on this one. I love the shore too. And ocean City is definitely one of the best. It has such a wonderful family atmosphere and most of the people I have met there are very friendly. I hope to find a motel/hotel that is open over the winter so I can visit again soon.

  4. Kathy, Thanks for the trip to the beach. Waaa...summer is over and fall is scooting by quickly. Hope you have a great day. xoxo,Susie

  5. Oh that line... "down the shore". made me chuckle. Oh certain people get that... am I right? It's a Philly or Jersey thing...

    Better you than me. I am with Kaitlin on this one. I can't stand the beach. I can't even remember exactly the last time I would have been there. Maybe one day we'll take the kids... just so they can see the ocean and all its vast beauty (because it is and I do like the sound of the waves... ) but - I will gladly admire it through your photos and you for your love of it. :)

    Have a wonderful day!!

  6. I like the beach as well. Yes, it would be a nice place to retire or have a cottage. All it takes is money. I like fall and spring the best. We were at the coast a couple weeks ago and weather was nice, except for fog on first day but that is typical. Makes photos intersting. Will share it soon. Glad u got a pat on the back from your boss.


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