Sunday, October 19, 2014


I'm not doing so good these days keeping up with the photo challenge.  Now that I'm back to work I'm exhausted and keep falling asleep before I write my post.  So let's just pretend that this is Saturday, OK?  OK!

It was my Saturday to work.  I was surprised because it was so quiet.  I got quite a lot done.  Most of the jobs I do are ongoing,  but a few I can actually cross off of my list when I am finished and I got some of those done.  That's nice to make the list a little shorter.

Joe is in quite a bit of pain these days.  His back gets worse and worse.  He has an appointment with his doctor on November 11th and is hoping to hold out until then.  He finally had gotten to sleep when I left for work so I didn't even wake him up to say goodbye.  Poor guy.

I wanted to get to the farm and since it is right near where I work, I ran there at lunch time.  And that really brings me to my photo challenge for today.  The farm always makes me smile.  Besides getting away from work and doing something that I really enjoy doing, I love getting the fresh veggies and talking to the fantastic people who work there.  So here are some pictures of the farm.  I meant to take lots of shots, but my arms and hands were full of produce and I had trouble getting to my camera.  So I've added some older pictures of the farm too.  The fall decorations are very similar to what they did this year.

This was taken through the fence after I had put my purchases into the car.
Haybales and pumpkins.  Lots of pumpkins.
Here's what the farmstand looks like.
 And here is what I bought at the farm today:

Brussels sprouts on the stalk, purple fingerling potatoes, carrots, turnips and a bunch of rosemary that smells so good.

I didn't do the fish on Friday after all.  We had chicken salad sandwiches that were amazingly good.  So Saturday night we had poached salmon, Brussels sprouts and mashed purple fingerling potatoes.  Everything was so good.

And speaking of dinner I am going to put on Sunday's dinner now.  But I'll be back with another post later.

Saturday's weather:
High:  70 degrees (2 degrees above average)
Low:  53 degrees (10 degrees above average)
Sunrise:  7:14 a.m.
Sunset:  6:16 p.m.
11 hours and 2 minutes of daylight    

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  1. Lovely produce!!! I didn't get a garden in at all this year - but having a end of May baby is my excuse! Sorry to hear your Joe isn't feeling so great - back issues are not fun!! My hubby seems to be on the mend, thank you for your concern!


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