Saturday, October 11, 2014


Today has been a chilly, rainy Saturday.  Gray and dull.  I slept in some and then met up with my friend Debbie to go food shopping.  Somehow it seems to go much faster when we do it together.  I was going to go to the farm, but it's not nice to go there when it's this kind of weather.

I still have so much to do around the house and here it is 6:00 p.m. already.  That is what happens when you sleep in.  But I think I need my sleep more than I need to clean right now.

We had roasted chicken and baked potatoes for dinner.  It was so good.  I finally got my appetite back.  I also regained all the weight I lost when I was sick.  *sigh*

The topic for today's photo challenge is "Something Close Up".  My only problem with this was choosing which photo to use.  I like taking close up pictures of flowers and of my cat.  So after looking through things I decided on this picture I took at the New Jersey State Fair in August.  It is of a hibiscus in the landscaping part of the fair.  I think it's so pretty.

Hope you enjoy your evening.  It's getting cold in here so I think I will go light the fire.

Linking up with Kaitlin at Homemaker Design for this October photo challenge. 



  1. Kathy, I love the flower. I like to take pictures of flowers too. Glad you are feeling better..don't over do. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. What a great photo to brighten your gloomy day!! I really enjoy flower photos too....almost as much as cloud ones! ;)

  3. That is a beautiful close up, Kathy! Your dinner sounds good- I had 2 hot dogs and some chips..NOT good! lol xo Diana

  4. Beautiful flower! Looks good enough to frame for the wall.I really enjoyed shopping with you.It always
    helps to have an extra pair of hands. Ha ha! As I write this Sunday morning,the temp is 47 degrees! Not that I consider that as 'cold'. It just feels more because it's been in the 60's - 70's.I liketaking brisk walks!
    Hope you continue to rest & feel better,my friend...

  5. This challenge is really becoming so much fun to follow!
    Good job!


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