Thursday, June 7, 2012


Yesterday was our last day in Ocean City.  We slept in because we were so tired from the day before.  We met Bud and Karen for breakfast.  Karen used to go to Ocean City every year growing up and loved the Chatterbox restaurant.  So we went there for breakfast.  You can always find it.  It's pink.
Joe and I usually always stay on the boardwalk.  We have never walked around the town before.  We were surprised at how nice it is there.  Clean and the people are so friendly.

On the way to the restaurant we passed this house with two very unique planters.  Bud and I had to get pictures of it.

 Can you believe it?  How funny!

After we ate we saw a PNC Bank (which is where I bank) and went there for some more money.  Our vacation turned out to be much more expensive there than I had anticipated.  Because it was my home bank I didn't have to pay any ATM charges.  Nice!  Then we went looking for lithium batteries for my camera.  We went to a pharmacy, but they didn't have them.  However, the lady there suggested the hardware store in the next block.

Oh my, it was a typical old-fashioned hardware store like you don't see anymore.  And they had EVERYTHING.  It was so nice.  And they were expanding!  Business must be good.  They had been there since 1909.  Best of all, they had the batteries I needed.

We checked out of the hotel and then met up with Bud and Karen.  We rented a four person surrey and took a ride on the boardwalk.  A surrey is like a bicycle for four -- two front, two back -- with an awning over it.  It was so much fun.  We laughed and laughed.  I don't know when I've had such a good time.  First we went one direction, and then the other, the whole length of the boardwalk.

Here's a picture of the ocean taken from the surrey.  I love the clouds in this picture.

Bud drove one way, and Karen drove the other.
We saw some people surfing.  They were really good.


 The surf was really rough.

We stopped at the end of the boardwalk and I got out and took a picture of the other three in the surrey.

We passed Wonderland.  It is a great amusement park, but it was still closed.
 I love the dragon climbing the wall of Wonderland.

We traveled completely to the other end of the boardwalk (2 miles).  It was easier pedaling when the wind was at our backs, but it was still quite a workout.  I'm not used to this.  My legs sure hurt today.

Joe really enjoyed himself.

It seems there is a code of conduct with surreys.  Whenever you see another surrey, you yell hello and wave.  Our surrey had a parrot shaped squeeky "horn" on it.  We passed one surrey and they rang their bell and waved to us.   Bud squeeked our horn and we all just cracked up.  Another time when Karen was driving we came up on some policemen standing in our surrey lane.  She "squeeked" at them and said, "Move it boys, or we'll run you over."  We were hysterical.  They didn't think it was so funny, but they got out of our way.  Joe yelled to them, "Just trying to obey the law and stay in our lane, officers."  Oh my!

The whole time we were riding around the sun was out.  But now the sky was threatening.  And we had wanted to get on the beach.  

We decided to go get lunch.  We wanted to go to different places, so decided to split up and meet each other later.

Joe wanted to go to Del's to get a "Misteak".  So we walked down that way.  We saw the clock and decided to get a picture of it.  So I made Joe stand there so you could see just how big this thing is.

First we went to Mia's Christmas Gallery (always have to stop in there).

And then Joe finally got his Misteak.  It's an cheese steak with mushrooms, fried onions, sweet peppers.  He was very happy.

We finally met up with Karen and Bud on the beach.  It was COLD, but we sat out there for two hours, just talking and watching the waves.  Joe was so tired, he fell asleep on the beach for about an hour.

You can tell how windy it was and how rough the ocean was.  It was so windy and cold we were sitting there wrapped in blankets.  But it was still fun.  I love the beach.  

I didn't go in the water, but Karen and Bud did.  Karen said it was FREEZING.

The sun kept going in and out of the clouds.  When it was out, it was very warm and we'd take the blankets and jackets off.  When it went behind a cloud, we'd bundle up again.  A strange day.

While everyone was talking I drew this in the sand.

This is one of my favorite photos.  I think I may have this blown up and framed.

After we came off of the beach we decided to play miniature golf.  It was a blast.  We laughed through the whole thing.

We went and got dinner at the Ocean Cafe and then decided to head for home because it was getting late.  A couple of last shots...

It was much later than we expected to leave, so we reluctantly headed home.  As we crossed the causeway bridge the sun was setting.  It was as if it was saying goodbye with us to a wonderful vacation.


  1. WOW! The pictures were worth waiting for. I could almost hear the waves thundering in the beach
    shots. I agree about the pic with the seagull.
    I can't believe you fit every-
    thing in! I'd be a little tired by now;or like Joe,having a nap!
    It is so peaceful by the water...
    Sounds like everybody had a great time. Glad you could get away.

  2. Wonderful pictures.
    The pictures of the thunder clouds are awesome.
    It's not a vacation without laughter and giggles. You had a vacation!

  3. I didn't know the Chatter Box was still open. Phyllis and I used to go there all the time. Did you know Mia's is up for sale? If they can't find buyers they will close. I love that store. Looks like you had a great vacation.


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