Monday, May 14, 2012


Having Walmart move into the neighborhood was so good.  Having Walmart move into the neighborhood was so bad.  Good for having shopping so close to my home.  Bad for my wallet.  It seems I am in there about two or three times a week.

I woke up late today and didn't have time to get something out for dinner before I went to work (a half-hour late ).  So I once again ended up at Walmart.

I am trying to stay away from sodium and get my blood pressure down, so I wandered the aisles looking for something quick to have for dinner tonight.  Do you know how much sodium is in the fast food?  I didn't until I started reading the boxes.  Some of them were almost 50% salt!

I ended up getting Angus Pub Burgers, Amish potato salad, rolls and strawberries.  The burgers were SO good.  And huge!  A half pound of meat!  I should have taken a picture of them.

I also got Joe a pair of shorts for his birthday.  He has lost so much weight lately that none of his clothes fit him.  So he has a lot of clothing to give to Salvation Army, but not much to wear.  I gave the shorts to him early so that he will have them to wear down the shore next week.  He really liked them.  I guess after 5 plus years of marriage I finally know his taste in clothing.

The sun is setting on another day.  I need to finish cleaning the living room, do a load of wash and dishes, and get myself ready for Bible Study tomorrow morning.  Each day brings me closer to my vacation in Ocean City, NJ.  Can't wait!

Good night everyone.  Hope you all have a nice night and a wonderful day tomorrow.


  1. Hope your day is wonderful too Kathy!!! I totally hope we never get a Walmart in our town. I'd be broke. I was at Walmart yesterday and had planned on buying nothing but groceries. That was a total fail! That place is addictive.

  2. I LOVE Walmart! I discovered that Country Crock(the margarine co?) make small tubs of a honey spread & a cinnamon spread. I am HOOKED on both! The cinnamon id super on baked sweet potatoes.
    Did everyone catch the news about washing your 'green' recycle
    grocery bags? Makes sense. Any food put in my bags is usually in a bag already so I think I'm safe.


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