Wednesday, April 11, 2012


After being closed yesterday for our all-day staff meeting I thought today would be really crazy.  But we were surprised that it was pretty quiet.  Bob was off today so Diane and I had to be on the desk every other hour.  This makes it really hard to get any work done.  You just get started on something and you have to stop to go on the desk.  But I got quite a bit done.  Not everything, but a lot.

After work Diane came home with me, we picked up Joe and the three of us went to the grand opening of the new Wal-Mart just a mile from my house!  It was beautiful.  One third of the store is a supermarket and the prices were really good.  We spent a lot of money on food and OTC medication.

But of course you knew I would buy a little something for myself.  I got a new pair of shoes for work.  Because I am on my feet so much my shoes have got to be comfy.  And these are.  Besides being cute.

And Joe found these cute pajamas for me.  I loved them, so I got them.  They will be good for when we go on vacation in May.

After we left we went to Chick-Fil-A for dinner.  We were hoping they would have re-opened the Sonic, but no such luck.

And now here I am watching American Idol and thinking about going to bed.  But I can't until the wash is done.  About another half-hour or so.  I think when American Idol is over, the wash will be done.  Then it's beddy-bye for me.  See you later, folks.

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  1. Glad your day wasn't too rough today! Sounds like you had a good trip out this evening. Those shoes are too cute :)


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