Monday, April 9, 2012


Elaine and I got a later start than we wanted, but we ended up spending the day in Lancaster County.  It was beautiful.  Sunny and a little cool, but very windy.  The drive wasn't bad.  Even though it was an hour and a half each way, it didn't seem that long at all.

We started out at Rockvale Mall (a huge mall with all outlets).  Haggar was having a 70% off sale on men's short-sleeved polo shirts, so I got two for Joe.  $11 each marked down from $34.  A great price.  Then we hit Reading China and Glass.  I ALWAYS find something to buy in there.  I went in to get a large spider (love my small one) and ended up getting a bunch of other stuff.

We then drove over to the Lenox outlet.  They were giving out a coupon for 10% off if you bought over $75, so Elaine and I put our things together and got the discount.  Nice stuff there, but so expensive even at the outlet.

We were going to eat at Hershey Farm, but they were closed on Mondays.  So we went to Bird-in-Hand Restaurant and had the smorgasbord.  I had a coupon for that too -- 25% off.  It was SO good.  We ate so much we didn't even have dinner later.  Well, it was a late lunch so...  We also went shopping there.  I got cookies to take to work on Wednesday, a sugar-free apple dumpling to take home to Joe, two little bars of soap (lavender and sweet orange), and a mushroom figurine to put out in the yard.  Very cute.

By this time it was 3:30 p.m. and we wanted to beat rush hour home, so we decided to leave.  But first I took a few pictures.

We made really good time on the way home even though we had to drive around about 30 Amish buggies.  There is a real art to driving near them so that you don't scare the horses -- although they are pretty used to cars by now.

So that was my day.  Now I have an "early to bed" night because tomorrow is our "All-Day All-Staff Meeting."  I am so excited -- NOT.  It's a mandatory meeting and all the libraries are closed for the day.  I am picking up 3 other people so I can't be late.  I am expecting a boring day.  I hope I am surprised and it is interesting, but I doubt it.


  1. sounds like an awesome shopping day!! it's been a while since I've driven around Amish buggies. I love seeing the Amish!! Well, I do hope your all day meeting is somewhat interesting! Let us know!

  2. Nothing beats an awesome day of shopping with a friend. You should post pics of your goodies and show us what you bought!!!!

    Don't ya just hate long boring meetings. Try & have a nice day dear :)

  3. I love to shop but even browsing can be fun.I too would like to see the purchases but perhaps some are meant to be gifts so no peeking!!?
    Being a HUGE lover & fan of anything canine,I adore Schnitzel!
    He looks sooo adorable!Sounds like you had quite a day.
    Hopefully the meeting will have a few interesting items to keep everyone awake! Ha ha

  4. Can you explain about the spiders?


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