Monday, November 22, 2010

Practical Christianity

Didn't get to post this last night because I got sick on dinner (again).

Yesterday in church Mary, whom I hardly know, came up to me and said she was free on Fridays while her kids were in school and would be over every Friday while I was sick to cook dinner for Joe and me and to clean up the kitchen for us.

Trish said she had off on Tuesday night and since I would be in the hospital, she would be there to spend time with me.

Carol Ann has offered to come sit with me while Joe has to go food shopping or whatever.

Sarah has offfered to come over to cook and clean for me on Tuesdays.

My best friend, Debbie, is coming to stay with me while Joe goes to his doctor's appointment on December 7th.  She will also cook for us, do laundry, clean, keep me company while Joe sleeps or whatever else we need done.  She is out of work right now and feels that God gave her this time to be available to help me.

Carole will drive Joe anywhere he needs to go, clean, bring food over and keep me company while Joe sleeps.  (Because of his epilepsy he has to sleep a great deal in order to not have seizures).

Next week the pastors are going to have a special time of prayer for me since it is the day before my surgery.

God's body is alive and well in my friends.  All I seem to do is cry because God and His people are so good to me.

7 days to surgery and 3 days to Thanksgiving


  1. You do have a wonderful church family to take care of you and Joe during this time. It seems like God has thought of everything!

  2. God is so good! If I weren't working you know I'd be there.


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